Cinder Shard

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Warning: Spoilers

This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.5 of Stardew Valley. Mobile players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article.

Cinder Shard
Cinder Shard.png
You can feel a warm glow from within this stone.
Source: Volcano DungeonStingray Fish Pond
Sell Price: Gold.png50g

Cinder Shard is a resource that can be obtained in the Volcano Dungeon by mining Cinder Shard nodes. It can also drop from a Magma Sprite, Magma Sparker, Magma Duggy, or False Magma Cap. It can also be acquired from a Stingray Fish Pond with a population of at least 7.


Main article: Forge

Cinder Shards are used in the Forge to combine rings, enchant tools, and forge melee weapons with gemstones. 20 Cinder Shards are used to combine two rings, apply a random enchantment to a tool or weapon, or add a Galaxy Soul to a Galaxy weapon, while 10/15/20 are used to forge a tool for the first, second, and third time, respectively.


Villager Reactions


Cinder Shard is not used in any bundles.


Cinder Shards can be traded for goods and recipes at the Island Trader and the Dwarf shop in the Volcano Dungeon.

Image Name Description Purchase Price Source
Cinderclown Shoes.png
Cinderclown Shoes These magic shoes belonged to a famous Dwarvish jester. Cinder Shard.png Cinder Shard (100) Dwarf in Volcano Dungeon
Jungle Torch.png
Jungle Torch Can be placed inside your house. Cinder Shard.png Cinder Shard (5) Island Trader
Wild Double Bed.png
Wild Double Bed Can be placed inside your house. Cinder Shard.png Cinder Shard (100) Island Trader
Deluxe Retaining Soil.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Deluxe Retaining Soil Recipe A recipe to make Deluxe Retaining Soil Cinder Shard.png Cinder Shard (50) Island Trader


Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source
Ostrich Incubator.png
Ostrich Incubator Hatches ostrich eggs into baby ostriches. Place in a barn. Bone Fragment.png Bone Fragment (50)Hardwood.png Hardwood (50)Cinder Shard.png Cinder Shard (20) Professor Snail.png Professor Snail after completing the fossil collection and surveys at the Island Field Office


It is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create Sunglasses.png Sunglasses. It can be used in dyeing, serving as an orange dye at the dye pots, located in Emily's and Haley's house, 2 Willow Lane.


7 Cinder Shards are requested by Stingray in a Fish Pond quest to increase the capacity of the pond from 3 to 5.


  • 1.5: Introduced.