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There are two distinct Speed statistics:

  • Speed w.png Weapon Speed refers to how long it takes to hit an enemy with a weapon.
  • Speed.png Player Speed refers to how fast the player moves.

Each can be affected in a variety of ways.

Speed w.png Weapon Speed

Weapon Speed refers to how long it takes to hit an enemy with a weapon, and how long it takes to recover before hitting again.

By default with +0 Weapon Speed, swords take 400 milliseconds[1] per action and clubs take 720 milliseconds[2] per action (equivalent to -8 buff). Daggers are much faster than swords. Slingshots take 300 milliseconds[3] per action and cannot be modified.

Each point of Weapon Speed reduces the time taken by 40 milliseconds,[4] meaning the maximum effective buff is +10 for swords, though the practical performance limit may be lower (maximum effective buff of around +4 for swords or +12 for clubs).

This also means that at first, Weapon Speed has a significantly smaller effect on clubs because the total increase in damage per second (when striking continuously) is smaller as a percentage: a sword with +1 Weapon Speed is capable of 11% more damage per second, whereas a club with +1 Weapon Speed is only capable of 6% more damage per second. As buff increases, swords hit the practical performance limit faster, and clubs continue improving with higher buff.

The player's movement speed buff (described below) is also applied to weapons,[5] and effectively stacks with the Weapon Speed buff. For example, a weapon with speed +2 would be just as fast as a weapon with speed +1 while under the effects of Coffee for an additional +1.


The following Weapons swipe faster or slower than normal.

Image Name Level Description Damage Stats Location Purchase Price Sell Price
Steel Smallsword.png Steel Smallsword 1 A standard metal blade. 04-08 Speed w.png Speed (+2) The Mines floor 20 chest reward N/A data-sort-value="100">Gold.png100g
Dark Sword.png
Dark Sword 9 It's glowing with vampire energy. 30-45 Speed w.png Speed (−5)Weight.png Weight (+5) Haunted Skull drop N/A data-sort-value="400">Gold.png400g
Pirate's Sword.png Pirate's Sword 2 It looks like a pirate owned this once. 08-14 Speed w.png Speed (+2) Below floor 20 in the Mines. Purchase at the Adventurer's Guild after reaching floor 30 in the Mines. data-sort-value="850">Gold.png850g data-sort-value="100">Gold.png100g
Cutlass.png Cutlass 3 A finely crafted blade. 09-17 Speed w.png Speed (+2) Purchase at the Adventurer's Guild after reaching floor 25 in the Mines. data-sort-value="1500">Gold.png1,500g data-sort-value="150">Gold.png150g
Forest Sword.png Forest Sword 3 Made powerful by forest magic. 08-18 Speed w.png Speed (+2) Defense.png Defense (+1) Rare drop floors 20-60 in the Mines. N/A data-sort-value="150">Gold.png150g
Insect Head.png Insect Head 4 Not very pleasant to wield. 10-20 Speed w.png Speed (+2) Rare drop from bugs. Reward for killing 125 cave insects. Available for purchase at the Adventurer's Guild after killing 125 bugs. data-sort-value="10000">Gold.png10,000g data-sort-value="200">Gold.png200g
Iron Edge.png Iron Edge 3 A heavy broadsword. 12-25 Speed w.png Speed (−2)Defense.png Defense (+1)Weight.png Weight (+3) Below floor 40 in the Mines. N/A data-sort-value="150">Gold.png150g
Rapier.png Rapier 4 An elegant blade. 15-25 Speed w.png Speed (+2) Unobtainable N/A data-sort-value="200">Gold.png200g
Claymore.png Claymore 5 It's really heavy. 20-32 Speed w.png Speed (−4)Defense.png Defense (+2)Weight.png Weight (+3) Purchase at the Adventurer's Guild after reaching floor 45 in the Mines. data-sort-value="2000">Gold.png2,000g data-sort-value="250">Gold.png250g
Neptune's Glaive.png Neptune's Glaive 5 An heirloom from beyond the Gem Sea. 18-35 Speed w.png Speed (−1)Defense.png Defense (+2)Weight.png Weight (+4) Fishing Treasure Chests N/A data-sort-value="250">Gold.png250g
Obsidian Edge.png Obsidian Edge 6 It's incredibly sharp. 30-45 Speed w.png Speed (−1)Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+10) The Mines floor 90 chest reward N/A data-sort-value="300">Gold.png300g
Bone Sword.png Bone Sword 5 A very light piece of sharpened bone. 20-30 Speed w.png Speed (+4)Weight.png Weight (+2) Purchase at the Adventurer's Guild after reaching floor 75 in the Mines. data-sort-value="6000">Gold.png6,000g data-sort-value="250">Gold.png250g
Ossified Blade.png
Ossified Blade 6 A large, sharp blade formed from bone. 26-42 Speed w.png Speed (−2)Defense.png Defense (+1)Weight.png Weight (+2) The Mines floor 90 chest reward (remixed mine rewards only) N/A data-sort-value="300">Gold.png300g
Steel Falchion.png Steel Falchion 8 Light and powerful. 28-46 Speed w.png Speed (+4)Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+20) Purchase at the Adventurer's Guild after reaching floor 90 in the Mines. data-sort-value="9000">Gold.png9,000g data-sort-value="400">Gold.png400g
Dwarf Sword.png
Dwarf Sword 13 It's ancient, but the blade never dulls. 65-75 Speed w.png Speed (+2)Defense.png Defense (+4) Volcano Dungeon Chest N/A data-sort-value="650">Gold.png650g
Galaxy Sword.png Galaxy Sword 13 It's unlike anything you've ever seen. 60-80 Speed w.png Speed (+4) Bring a Prismatic Shard to the Three Pillars in the Desert; Holding the shard, enter the center tile between the three pillars (Only one). Purchase from the Adventurer's Guild after obtaining at the Desert. data-sort-value="50000">Gold.png50,000g data-sort-value="650">Gold.png650g
Tempered Broadsword.png Tempered Broadsword 7 It looks like it could withstand anything. 29-44 Speed w.png Speed (−3)Defense.png Defense (+3)Weight.png Weight (+3) Skull Cavern N/A data-sort-value="350">Gold.png350g
Infinity Blade.png
Infinity Blade 17 The true form of the Galaxy Sword. 80-100 Speed w.png Speed (+4)Defense.png Defense (+2) Combine the Galaxy Sword with Galaxy Soul.png Galaxy Soul (3) and Cinder Shard.png Cinder Shard (60) in the Forge N/A data-sort-value="850">Gold.png850g
Dwarf Dagger.png
Dwarf Dagger 11 It's ancient, but the blade never dulls. 32-38 Speed w.png Speed (+1)Defense.png Defense (+6)Crit. Chance.png Crit. Chance (+2)Weight.png Weight (+5) Volcano Dungeon Chest N/A data-sort-value="550">Gold.png550g
Galaxy Dagger.png
Galaxy Dagger 8 It's unlike anything you've seen. 30-40 Speed w.png Speed (+1)Crit. Chance.png Crit. Chance (+1)Weight.png Weight (+5) Adventurer's Guild (after obtaining the Galaxy Sword) data-sort-value="35000">Gold.png35,000g data-sort-value="400">Gold.png400g
Infinity Dagger.png
Infinity Dagger 16 The true form of the Galaxy Dagger. 50-70 Speed w.png Speed (+1)Defense.png Defense (+3)Crit. Chance.png Crit. Chance (+4)Weight.png Weight (+5) Combine the Galaxy Dagger with Galaxy Soul.png Galaxy Soul (3) in the Forge N/A data-sort-value="800">Gold.png800g
Femur 2 An old, heavy bone caked in centuries of grime. 6-11 Speed w.png Speed (+2) The Mines floor 10 chest reward (remixed mine rewards only) N/A data-sort-value="100">Gold.png100g
Wood Mallet.png
Wood Mallet 3 The solid head packs a punch. Relatively light for a club. 15-24 Speed w.png Speed (+2)Weight.png Weight (+2) The Mines floor 60 chest reward (remixed mine rewards only)
The Mines (Floors 41-79)
Adventurer's Guild (after unlocking the Mines floor 40)
data-sort-value="2000">Gold.png2,000g data-sort-value="150">Gold.png150g
Lead Rod.png
Lead Rod 4 It's incredibly heavy. 18-27 Speed w.png Speed (−4) The Mines (Floors 41-79) N/A data-sort-value="200">Gold.png200g
Kudgel 5 A brute's companion. 27-40 Speed w.png Speed (−1)Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+4)Weight.png Weight (+2) The Mines floor 80 chest reward (remixed mine rewards only)
The Mines (Floors 101+)
N/A data-sort-value="250">Gold.png250g
The Slammer.png
The Slammer 7 An extremely heavy gavel that'll send foes flying. 40-55 Speed w.png Speed (−2) The Mines floor 110 chest reward (remixed mine rewards only)
The Mines (Floors 81-99)
Skull Cavern
N/A data-sort-value="350">Gold.png350g
Galaxy Hammer.png
Galaxy Hammer 12 It's made from an ultra-light material you've never seen before. 70-90 Speed w.png Speed (+2)Weight.png Weight (+5) Adventurer's Guild (after obtaining the Galaxy Sword) data-sort-value="75000">Gold.png75,000g data-sort-value="600">Gold.png600g
Infinity Gavel.png
Infinity Gavel 17 The true form of the Galaxy Hammer. 100-120 Speed w.png Speed (+2)Defense.png Defense (+1)Weight.png Weight (+5) Combine the Galaxy Hammer with Galaxy Soul.png Galaxy Soul (3) in the Forge N/A data-sort-value="850">Gold.png850g


The following rings increase Weapon Speed:

Image Name Description Location Purchase Price Sell Price
Emerald Ring.png
Emerald Ring Increases weapon speed by 10%. Purchase from the Adventurer's Guild after reaching floor 40 in the Mines. data-sort-value="5000">Gold.png5,000g data-sort-value="300">Gold.png300g


Weapon Speed can be increased further by using an Emerald at the Forge up to 3 times, for a maximum of +7 additional speed.

Some tools can similarly be enchanted using a Prismatic Shard to be 33% faster.

Speed.png Player Speed

Rotten Plant.png  Warning: Spoilers  Rotten Plant 2.png

This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.6 of Stardew Valley. Players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article/section.

Player Speed refers to how fast the player moves across the world.

The player's base speed is:

  • 2 when walking
  • 5 when running
  • 6.6 when riding a Horse

A variety of positive and negative Buffs can change the player speed, as detailed under Food and Drink, Buffs, and Permanent Buffs.

Speed is also affected by some terrains, but not when riding a horse.

Although terrain and/or debuffs may decrease a player speed, the speed is never decreased below 1.

Food and Drink

The following foods and drinks increase Player Speed. Only one drink-derived buff and one food-derived buff can be active at a given time, so +2 Speed is possible only if the +1 Speed from a drink (Coffee, Triple Shot Espresso, and Joja Cola) is stacked with the +1 Speed from one of the food items.

Coffee is available at the Stardrop Saloon every day for data-sort-value="300">Gold.png300g, but the other dishes may appear only randomly on Gus' menu.

Image Name Description Ingredients Energy / Health Buff(s) Buff Duration Recipe Source(s) Sell Price
Magic Rock Candy.png
Magic Rock Candy A rare and powerful candy infused with the essence of the prismatic shard. N/A Energy.png500Health.png225 Mining.png Mining (+2)Luck.png Luck (+5)Speed.png Speed (+1)Defense.png Defense (+5)Attack.png Attack (+5) Time Icon.png 8m 24s N/A - Purchased, earned, or dropped by Haunted Skulls data-sort-value="5000">Gold.png5,000g
Coffee It smells delicious. This is sure to give you a boost. Coffee Bean.png Coffee Bean (5) Energy.png3Health.png1 Speed.png Speed (+1) Time Icon.png 1m 23s N/A - Purchased or produced in a Keg data-sort-value="150">Gold.png150g
Crab Cakes.png
Crab Cakes Crab, bread crumbs, and egg formed into patties then fried to a golden brown. Crab.png Crab (1)Wheat Flour.png Wheat Flour (1)Egg.png Egg (1)Oil.png Oil (1) Energy.png 225
Health.png 101
Speed.png Speed (+1)Defense.png Defense (+1) Time Icon.png 16m 47s

Cooking Channel.png The Queen of Sauce
21 Fall, Year 2

Pepper Poppers.png
Pepper Poppers Spicy breaded peppers filled with cheese. Hot Pepper.png Hot Pepper (1)Cheese.png Cheese (1) Energy.png 130
Health.png 58
Farming.png Farming (+2)Speed.png Speed (+1) Time Icon.png 7m

Shane Icon.png Shane (Mail - 3+ HeartIconLarge.png)

Spicy Eel.png
Spicy Eel It's really spicy! Be careful. Eel.png Eel (1)Hot Pepper.png Hot Pepper (1) Energy.png 115
Health.png 51
Luck.png Luck (+1)Speed.png Speed (+1) Time Icon.png 7m

George Icon.png George (Mail - 7+ HeartIconLarge.png)

Super Meal.png
Super Meal It's a really energizing meal. Bok Choy.png Bok Choy (1)Cranberries.png Cranberries (1)Artichoke.png Artichoke (1) Energy.png 160
Health.png 72
Max Energy.png Max Energy (+40)Speed.png Speed (+1) Time Icon.png 3m 30s

Kent Icon.png Kent (Mail - 7+ HeartIconLarge.png)

Triple Shot Espresso.png
Triple Shot Espresso It's more potent than regular coffee! Coffee.png Coffee (3) Energy.png 8
Health.png 3
Speed.png Speed (+1) Time Icon.png 4m 12s Gus Icon.png Stardrop Saloon for data-sort-value="5000">Gold.png5,000g data-sort-value="450">Gold.png450g
Joja Cola.png
Joja Cola The flagship product of Joja corporation. N/A Energy.png13Health.png5 Speed.png Speed (+1) Time Icon.png 21s N/A - Purchased, vended, caught, or produced in a Soda Machine data-sort-value="25">Gold.png25g
Green Tea.png
Green Tea A pleasant, energizing beverage made from lightly processed tea leaves. Tea Leaves.png Tea Leaves (1) Energy.png13Health.png5 Speed.png Speed (+0.5) Time Icon.png 4m 12s N/A - Produced in a Keg data-sort-value="100">Gold.png100g

Below is a table of the speed buffs that can be obtained from the Chef at the Desert Festival. These stack with normal food buffs.

Image Name Buffs Buff Duration Ingredients
Spicy Tacos.png
Spicy Tacos Defense.png Defense (+3)Speed.png Speed (+1) Time Icon.png 7m Hearty Beans + Uncomfortably Hot Sauce
Hot Log.png
Hot Log Mining.png Mining (+3)Speed.png Speed (+1) Time Icon.png 7m Cave Loaf + Uncomfortably Hot Sauce
Rumpled Fruit Skin.png
Rumpled Fruit Skin Luck.png Luck (+3)Speed.png Speed (+1) Time Icon.png 7m Rare Fruit + Uncomfortably Hot Sauce
Nachos Of The Desert.png
Nachos Of The Desert Attack.png Attack (+3)Speed.png Speed (+1) Time Icon.png 7m Extremely Sharp Cheddar + Uncomfortably Hot Sauce
Desert Gumbo.png
Desert Gumbo Fishing.png Fishing (+3)Speed.png Speed (+1) Time Icon.png 7m Shrimp + Uncomfortably Hot Sauce


The following Buffs increase or decrease Player Speed. All of these special-effect buffs can be simultaneously active, and they can stack on top of two +1 Speed buffs from food and drink.

Image Name Effect Cause Duration
Speed Buff.png Adrenaline Rush Speed.png Speed (+2) Killing an enemy while wearing a Savage Ring Time Icon.png 3s
Blessing Of Speed.png Blessing Of Speed Speed.png Speed (+0.5) Activating the Statue Of Blessings Time Icon.png All day
Golden Spur.png Golden Spur Speed.png Speed (+1) Landing a critical strike while equipping a Golden Spur Time Icon.png 5-10s
Speed Buff.png Speed Boost Speed.png Speed (+1) Activating a Calico Statue during the Desert Festival Time Icon.png 5m
Slimed.png Slimed Speed.png Speed (−4) Being hit by a Slime Time Icon.png 2.5-3s
Tipsy.png Tipsy Speed.png Speed (−1) Consuming alcohol (Beer, Mead, Pale Ale, or Wine) Time Icon.png 30s
Burnt.png Burnt Attack.png Attack (-3)Defense.png Defense (-3)Speed.png Speed (-2) Being hit by a Magma Sparker Time Icon.png 6s
Frozen.png Frozen Speed.png Speed (-8) Being hit by a Skeleton Mage Time Icon.png 2s

Permanent Buffs

Player Speed can be permanently increased by reading books sold by the Bookseller.

Image Name Description Effect Price
Way Of The Wind pt. 1.png Way Of The Wind pt. 1 You run a little bit faster. Speed.png Speed (+0.25) data-sort-value="15000">Gold.png15,000g
Way Of The Wind pt. 2.png Way Of The Wind pt. 2 You run a little bit faster. Speed.png Speed (+0.25) data-sort-value="35000">Gold.png35,000g
Horse The Book.png Horse: The Book You gain a little extra speed when riding a horse. Speed.png Speed (+0.5) (only on Horse) data-sort-value="25000">Gold.png25,000g


Three types of terrain can alter the player's speed, but only if the player is not riding a horse.

  • Flooring has a +0.1 Speed boost, but only when located outside on the Farm.
  • Grass has a -1 Speed penalty.
  • Crops have a -1 Speed penalty, but only if the player is running. Seeds do not count as crops.

Reading Ol' Slitherlegs grants a power which will reduce the Speed penalty to -0.33 while moving through either Grass or Crops.


  • In theory, five speed-related buffs could be simultaneously active: three positive (maximum +4 Speed) and two negative (minimum -5 Speed).


  • 1.6: Joja Cola gives a +1 player speed buff, and Green Tea gives a +0.5 player speed buff. Include permanent book buffs. Statue of Blessings, Golden Spur, and Desert Festival Calico Statue can give temporary player speed buffs.


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