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This page explains how the game stores and uses festival data. This is an advanced guide for mod developers.

Data file

Each festival has a data file located at Content/Data/Festivals/<season><day of month>. The game uses this asset to determine whether there's a festival today (if the asset exists), where and when it happens, and NPC placement/dialogue/behavior.

Raw data

The festival data file can be unpacked for editing. For example, here's the raw data from Content/Data/Festivals/fall27 as of 1.5.4 for reference:

  "name": "Spirit's Eve",
  "conditions": "Town/2200 2350",
  "shop": "BO 113 5000 1 O 746 750 5 BL 746 2000 1 BO 47 350 -1 F 2870 4000 -1",
  "set-up": "spirits_eve/-1000 -1000/farmer 12 54 1/changeToTemporaryMap Town-Halloween/loadActors Set-Up/advancedMove Maru true 0 2 2 0 0 3 -11 0 0 -7 5 0 0 2 4 0/advancedMove Alex true -4 0 4 4000 4 0 4 5000/advancedMove Jas true 1 1500 4 1000/advancedMove Pam true 0 1 1 5000 0 -1 1 5000/advancedMove Shane true -7 0 0 2 2 9000 0 -2 7 0 4 9000/advancedMove Demetrius true 3 18000 4 3000/addTemporaryActor Skeleton 16 32 30 59 2 false Monster/advancedMove Skeleton true 0 1 3 4000 2 0 0 -1 4 2000 -1 0 3 1000 2 2000 0 -1 4 4000 -1 0 0 1 2 5000/addTemporaryActor Skeleton 16 32 35 58 2 false Monster/playerControl halloween",
  "Abigail_spouse": "You'll have to tell me what's beyond, I can't go on... spiders...$s",
  "Leah_spouse": "I may have had a little too much pumpkin ale...",
  "Maru_spouse": "I'm confused... you go on ahead and let me figure this out.",
  "Penny_spouse": "Oh... These vapors... Hmmm... You look nice tonight.$l",
  "Haley_spouse": "I get scared easily... I think I'm just going to stay right here.$s",
  "Sebastian_spouse": "It would be interesting to have one of these on the farm.",
  "Sam_spouse": "Hey, I was wondering when you'd show up!$h",
  "Harvey_spouse": "Hi... I was hoping you'd find me here...$l",
  "Elliott_spouse": "Mmph... I believe I've eaten a few too many slices of pumpkin pie.",
  "Abigail": "I can't go on... spiders...$s",
  "Robin": "Well, winter's almost here. It's a great time to stockpile wood and stone.",
  "Demetrius": "I haven't seen Maru in hours... I hope she's alright.",
  "Maru": "I think I've already been this way... no, wait...$s#$e#I'm lost...$s",
  "Sebastian": "I have no idea how these skeletons are walking... creepy.#$e#It's pretty cool though.",
  "Pierre": "??",
  "Caroline": "I get scared very easily. I'll leave the haunted maze to the younger people.",
  "Linus": "Good show, old friend.",
  "Alex": "There's something weird over there. But how do I get to it?#$e#There's gotta be a secret passage somewhere around here.",
  "George": "Hmm... smoked turkey haunch? I guess this festival isn't all bad.$h",
  "Evelyn": "I wish Gus would include a vegetarian option. Some zucchini skewers, maybe?",
  "Lewis": "Good evening, @. Have you ventured into the haunted maze yet? It's quite spooky.#$e#That strange man who lives in the tower set it all up himself. He wouldn't let anyone near while he was working on it.",
  "Clint": "One of my iridium-infused maces would make quick work of these things.",
  "Emily": "Do you like the jack-o-lanterns? I carved them myself.",
  "Penny": "The vapor from this cauldron... it's making my head spin, but I can't seem to leave...$u",
  "Pam": "I'll come to any event with free grub! You won't see me in the haunted maze, though.",
  "Haley": "Eek! I'm too scared.$s",
  "Jodi": "Vincent's upset that I won't let him go into the haunted maze... but he's just a little boy!",
  "Kent": "Hey, @. Nice evening, isn't it?",
  "Sam": "That's odd... It's just a dead end up ahead.#$e#I could've sworn there was someone ahead of me when I went through the maze, though. Where'd they go?",
  "Leah": "Mm, hi. Sorry... mouth full of blackberries.",
  "Marnie": "Hi, @. Have you had a productive fall?#$e#It's starting to get quite cold... crops won't hold out for much longer.",
  "Elliott": "Why, hello @. It's chilly, isn't it?",
  "Gus": "It's a lot of fun to cook with pumpkin. Such an interesting fruit.",
  "Dwarf": "You say it's raining up above? *gasp*#$e#Rain... It's almost mythical to us. Some of us live our entire lives without ever experiencing it.",
  "Wizard": "The affairs of mundane folk matter little to me, but the elementals like a chance to see you up close.#$e#It was for them that I created this silly maze.",
  "Harvey": "Oh! You found me...$8#$b#The truth is, I got too scared so I came here to hide. Don't tell anyone.$s",
  "Shane": "Why is there no more pumpkin ale?",
  "Sandy": "I heard it's raining back home. Is that why you came here?$h#$e#I kind of miss the rain, actually...$s",
  "Jas": "But Aunt Marnie! I wanna go in the maze! I'm not scared!$s",
  "Vincent": "Mother won't let me go in the maze. *sob*$s",
  "Marlon": "Don't get too close to the cage.",
  "Leo": "%Leo's unblinking eyes are glued to the screen. You're unable to get his attention."


field key explanation
name The festival name. This is used in display text like the calendar tooltip or the festival-is-ready message.
conditions When and where the festival takes place. The format is <location>/<start time> <end time>, where <location> is the internal location name and the times are specified in 26-hour format (i.e., 600 for 6am to 2600 for 2am).
mainEvent The main event script. This is triggered when the player asks the festival host (usually Lewis) to begin the festival. This is absent for events that do not have a prompt or where speaking to Lewis does not trigger a new scene.
shop The items the festival shop sells. See shop format below.
set-up The event script that's run when the player first enters the festival. This includes moving the player to the festival map. This field supports year variants.
Set-Up_additionalCharacters NPCs to spawn when the festival loads. This is specified as four space-delimited fields in the form <NPC name> <tile X> <tile Y> <facing direction>, repeated for each NPC to add with a / between each NPC. The <facing direction> can be one of up or 0, down or 2, left or 3, and right or 1. These are additional to the NPCs spawned via the map file. For example, this adds Abigail and Leah side-by-side facing down:
"Set-Up_additionalCharacters": "Abigail 15 6 down/Leah 16 6 down"
<NPC name>_roommate The dialog line the named NPC will say when the player talks to them, if they're roommates with the player. This field supports year variants, doesn't work on the Flower Dance festival, and doesn't support #$e# breaks. If not specified, the <NPC name>_spouse will be used next.
<NPC name>_spouse The dialog line the named NPC will say when the player talks to them, if they're married to the player. This field supports year variants, doesn't work on the Flower Dance festival, and doesn't support #$e# breaks.
<NPC name> The dialog line the named NPC will say when the player talks to them, if <NPC name>_spouse doesn't exist or apply. This field supports year variants.

Any other entry is event data for a cutscene during the festival. In some cases like the Luau, these are linked together when played in the game.

Year variants

Several fields allow annual variants (documented in the table above). These work by adding _y<year variant> to the end of key, where the <year variant> is an incrementing number starting at 1 with no upper limit. For example, two entries set-up_y1 and set-up_y2 will alternate (set-up_y1 in year 1, set-up_y2 in year 2, set-up_y1 in year 3, etc). If year variants are defined for a key, the original key is ignored (e.g., set-up will never be used if set-up_y* entries are defined).

Shop format

The shop data for a festival is stored as four space-separated values in the format <item type> <item ID> <cost> <count available>, which is repeated for each item. Field formats:

field explanation
<item type> The item type. The valid values are B or Boots (boots), BL or Blueprint (blueprint), BBL, BBl or BigBlueprint (big blueprint), BO or BigObject (bigcraftable object), F (furniture), H or Hat (hat), O or Object (object), R or Ring (ring), or W or Weapon (weapon).
<item id> The item's spritesheet index.
<cost> The purchase price in gold. For seeds, this is modified based on the profit margin.
<count available> How many of that item can be purchased from the shop, or -1 for unlimited.


Many festivals use a separate map file located in the Content/Maps folder. The map to use is specified in the data file's set-up field using the changeToTemporaryMap command.

Spawned NPCs

This is fragile and not recommended for custom NPCs or festivals.
Consider using the data file's Set-Up_additionalCharacters field instead.

NPCs can be added to festivals using map tile indexes on a specific layer. This is enabled in the data file's set-up field using the loadActors <layer name> command. For each tile which exists on the layer, the tile index is mapped to the NPC's index in the Data\NPCDispositions asset multiplied by four, with an offset which determines the facing direction (0 = up, 1 = right, 2 = down, or 3 = left).

For example, let's say the layer has a tile with tilesheet index 61. That's the NPC at index 61 / 4 = 15 in Data\NPCDispositions, i.e., the 16th NPC, i.e., Leah. The offset is 61 % 4 = 1, so she's facing right. When the festival is loaded, Leah will be added to that tile position facing right.

Hardcoded logic

Several vanilla events have hardcoded scripted logic in the game code. For example, Lewis judging the farmer's grange display at the Stardew Valley Fair is handled in the game code, not the content assets documented here.

The Night Market is also handled differently from other festivals. While there are separate Night Market maps, the NPC data doesn't exist on these. Instead, NPCs dynamically enter and leave the festival via schedule data.