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Adult ostriches will lay a very large egg once a week.
Building Barn.png Barn
Purchase Price N/A
Produce Ostrich Egg.png Ostrich Egg

The Ostrich is an animal that lives in a Barn. Ostriches can be hatched by placing an Ostrich Egg into an Ostrich Incubator, taking Time Icon.png 15,000m (9d 10h) to incubate, or Time Icon.png 7,500m (4d 18h 20m) with the Coopmaster Profession.

An Ostrich Egg can be initially found by solving Journal Scrap #10, or as a random drop from the chests in the Volcano Dungeon.


Main article: Animals#Produce

Ostriches who eat every day mature after 7 nights have passed. A mature and fed Ostrich produces an Ostrich Egg every 7 days. An Ostrich Egg can be placed in an Ostrich Incubator to hatch another ostrich, or sold for data-sort-value="600">Gold.png600g.

An Ostrich Egg can be placed in a Mayonnaise Machine to produce 10 Mayonnaise of the same quality as the egg.

Image Name Description Sell Price
Ostrich Egg.png Ostrich Egg It may be the world's largest egg.
Ostrich Egg.png
Ostrich Egg.png
Silver Quality Icon.png
Ostrich Egg.png
Gold Quality Icon.png
Ostrich Egg.png
Iridium Quality Icon.png


It is possible to sell Ostriches. The selling price is dependent on how many hearts the animal has (data-sort-value="20800">Gold.png20,800g max).

To sell a coop or barn animal, right-click the animal after petting. The friendship/mood interface appears. Move the cursor over the gold coin button at the right to see how much you can sell the animal for. Click that button and the confirmation that follows to complete the sale.


  • 1.5: Introduced.