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A shimmering, gelatinous glob with no smell.
Source: SlimesKrobusSlime Ball
Sell Price: Gold.png5g
This page is for the item drop. For the monster from which this item drops, see Slimes.

Slime is a Monster Loot item which is dropped by Slimes. Killing a single Slime will give you one or two Slime. Slime can also be obtained from Slime Balls or purchased from Krobus for Gold.png10g on Mondays


Villager Reactions
Hate  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 


99 Slime are one option for the Bundle Purple.png Adventurer's Bundle in the Boiler Room.


Image Name Description Ingredient Equipment Time Sell Price
Green Slime Egg.png
Slime Egg Can be hatched in a slime incubator. Slime.png Slime (100)
Slime Egg-Press.png
Slime Egg-Press
Time Icon.png 1200m (20h)
Green Slime Egg.png Gold.png1,000g
Blue Slime Egg.png Gold.png1,750g
Red Slime Egg.png Gold.png2,500g
Purple Slime Egg.png Gold.png5,000g

The color of the resulting slime egg is random, but the cheaper ones are more common.


Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source
Oil Maker.png
Oil Maker Makes gourmet truffle oil. Slime.png Slime (50)

Hardwood.png Hardwood (20) Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (1)

Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 8
Cork Bobber.png
Cork Bobber Slightly increases the size of your "fishing bar". Wood.png Wood (10)

Hardwood.png Hardwood (5) Slime.png Slime (10)

Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing Level 7
Slime Incubator.png
Slime Incubator Hatches slimes eggs into slimes. Allows you to raise slimes outdoors. Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (2)Slime.png Slime (100) Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Level 8
Wild Bait.png
Wild Bait (5) A unique recipe from Linus. It appeals to all fish. Fiber.png Fiber (10)Bug Meat.png Bug Meat (5)Slime.png Slime (5)

Linus Icon.png Linus (4 HeartIconLarge.png Event)