Void Ghost Pendant

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Void Ghost Pendant
Void Ghost Pendant.png
It's symbolic to the shadow people. As a gift, it signifies the desire to move in together as friends.
Sell Price: Gold.png4,500g

The Void Ghost Pendant is an item that can be purchased from the Desert Trader for 200 Void Essence. It can also be dropped by monsters in the Skull Cavern.

It allows the player to invite Krobus to move into their house as a roommate, similar to how the Mermaid's Pendant is used to propose marriage. Only one can be obtained at a time, similar to the Mermaid's Pendant.


  • It is possible to obtain two Void Ghost Pendants, by purchasing one at the Desert Trader, then placing it in a chest, then entering the Skull Cavern and killing monsters in the same day.
  • It is impossible to obtain if the player is already married to one of the marriage candidates.
  • After purchasing the pendant and moving Krobus in, the Old Mariner will respond "Glad the Amulet worked out for ye, lad/miss." when spoken to.