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Monsters are found in the Mines, the Skull Cavern, and the Mutant Bug Lair. Monsters may also be found on The Farm by choosing the wilderness map or on any map by offering a Strange Bun to the Dark Shrine of Night Terrors in the Witch's Hut.

Monster difficulty on the Farm scales with the player's Combat level (at higher levels, more difficult monsters spawn, and the Wilderness Golem becomes more difficult to kill).

When killed, Monsters have a chance to drop Monster Loot.

The Mines Skull Cavern Mutant Bug Lair Wilderness Farm
All Floors Floors 1-40 Floors 40-80 Floors 80-120
Green Slime Bat Bug Cave Fly Duggy Grub Rock Crab Stone Golem Dust Sprite Frost Bat Frost Jelly Ghost Skeleton Lava Bat Lava Crab Metal Head Red Sludge
Shadow Brute.png Shadow Brute
Shadow Shaman.png Shadow Shaman

Squid Kid

Armored Bug Big Slime Carbon Ghost Iridium Bat Iridium Crab Lava Bat Mummy Purple Slime Serpent Mutant Fly Mutant Grub
Wilderness Golem.png Wilderness Golem