Desert Trader

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Desert Trader
Desert Trader.png
Open Hours: Always
Closed: Closed during Night Market (15-17 Winter)
Address: Calico Desert
Occupants: Desert Trader Icon.png Desert Trader

The Desert Trader is a merchant located in the Calico Desert. She sells a variety of goods, in exchange for other items. She can also be seen giving away free coffee during the Night Market.

Permanent Stock

Image Name Price
Artifact Trove.png
Artifact Trove Omni Geode.png Omni Geode (5)
Warp Totem Desert.png
Warp Totem: Desert Omni Geode.png Omni Geode (3)
Triple Shot Espresso.png
Triple Shot Espresso Diamond.png Diamond (1)
Spicy Eel.png
Spicy Eel Ruby.png Ruby (1)
Mega Bomb.png
Mega Bomb Iridium Ore.png Iridium Ore (5)
Bomb Quartz.png Quartz (5)
Warp Totem Desert.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Warp Totem: Desert Recipe Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (10)
Butterfly Hutch.png
Butterfly Hutch Bat Wing.png Bat Wing (200)
Green Turban.png
Green Turban Omni Geode.png Omni Geode (50)

Rotating Stock

Image Name Price Day Sold
Hay (x3) Omni Geode.png Omni Geode (1) Monday
Fiber Stone.png Stone (5) Tuesday
Cloth Aquamarine.png Aquamarine (3) Wednesday
Magic Rock Candy.png
Magic Rock Candy Prismatic Shard.png Prismatic Shard (3) Thursday
Cheese Emerald.png Emerald (1) Friday
Spring Seeds.png
Spring Seeds Summer Seeds.png Summer Seeds (2) Saturday
Summer Seeds.png
Summer Seeds Fall Seeds.png Fall Seeds (2) Saturday
Fall Seeds.png
Fall Seeds Winter Seeds.png Winter Seeds (2) Saturday
Winter Seeds.png
Winter Seeds Spring Seeds.png Spring Seeds (2) Saturday
Staircase Jade.png Jade (1) Sunday
Magic Turban.png
Magic Turban Omni Geode.png Omni Geode (333) Even Days
Magic Cowboy Hat.png
Magic Cowboy Hat Omni Geode.png Omni Geode (333) Odd days
Void Ghost Pendant.png
Void Ghost Pendant Void Essence.png Void Essence (200) After max hearts with Krobus
Can purchase only 1
Only available if you aren't already married


  • 1.4: Introduced.