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Community Center
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Open Hours: Always
Closed: Never

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For Community Center Bundles, see Bundles.

The Community Center is a location in Stardew Valley. Entering Pelican Town from the bus stop screen on any sunny day, from Spring 5th onward when the time is between 8:50 am and 11:50 am will trigger a cut scene with Lewis regarding the Community Center. He'll lead you there, and you will find some strange creatures called Junimos that fade in and out of existence, along with a glowing placard covered in strange writing. If you attempt to read the placard then the next day you will receive a letter from the Wizard and can enter his house. Once you have consumed the Wizard's potion, you can return to the Community Center to read the placards and give offerings to the Junimos.

Alternatively it can become the Joja Warehouse if the player chooses to purchase a membership from Morris at JojaMart. If the player does this that building will replace the community center and all unlocks are simply purchased with gold instead of bundles.

Finishing the Center

The day after you finish the last bundle, entering the town square at any time will spring an event.


The event starts off showing the entire town at the Community Center. They will have balloons, and everyone is celebrating and taking a look at the Center. Inside, the mayor is in the center and will show everyone exploring the Center and hanging out. You'll enter the Center and talk to Lewis, he'll exclaim how happy he and the rest of the town is. As a thank you from the town, he awards you with the Stardew Hero Trophy.

Soon after, a voice will grumble before the owner of Joja Mart, Morris, comes into the Center. He'll ask where all his customers went as he looks around the building. Angrily Pierre will walk over and ask Morris how it feels. You will have two choices to choose from in order to calm the situation or escalate it.

  • "Let's be reasonable."
  • "Let's settle this the old-fashioned way."

If you pick "Let's be reasonable."
Morris then boasts that he will put on a huge sale to get his customers back and laughs off the event. Pierre then tells him he's wrong and asks everyone to gather around. He begins to talk about when he first moved to the Pelican Town, reminiscing about how the town had a real sense of being a family and a community, talking to different people about how they enjoyed and connected with each other in the Center and that Joja Mart took that away from them. Now that the Center is finished, Pierre asks everyone to boycott Joja Mart in order to take advantage of their second chance that the player has given them. Morris jumps in shock and everyone takes a second to soak it in.

Everyone will agree with Pierre to boycott Joja. Morris then exclaims that his business is ruined and will rush out of the Center. The screen will go dark and Joja Mart will go out of business and leave town.

If you pick "Let's settle this the old-fashioned way."
Morris will boast about a huge sale he will put on to get his customers back and laugh in Pierre's face. Pierre will then say that he will not get his way this time and proposes that they settle this once and for all. Morris asks how they would do so and Pierre will then start to threaten to fight Morris. Morris will scoff at Pierre and begin to walk off. Pierre will then try to goad on Morris with a threat of all Joja Mart employees being cowards. Morris will become infuriated at the slander of his employer, Joja. He will walk back to Pierre and begin fighting with him. Caroline will scream Pierre's name as George laughs and enjoys the show as Lewis and Robin jump in surprise from the fight. Morris and Pierre will start to insult each other as they continue to fight. Pierre will then punch Morris so hard that he flies out of the community center's ceiling! Pierre is so proud of his winning punch he smiles and poses with sunglasses.

'Regardless of which option you take, Joja Mart will become abandoned and decrepit. Pierre's General Store will no longer be closed on Wednesdays and will be open every day of the week. '


  • If the player completes a Community Center bundle, the area gets renewed and if all bundles are completed, the community center is repaired, the Junimos will be gone, JojaMart will go out of business and you'll be awarded with the Stardew Hero Trophy.
  • Once all the Community Center bundles are completed, Pierre's General Store will be open all days of the week.
  • The cutscene where you get the trophy will play the day after you complete the last bundle. If it is a festival day, it will be the day after the festival, when you go into town.
  • The cutscene where you get the trophy may play 2 days after completing the bundles if the bulletin bundle was completed last.
  • The cutscene may not happen in rainy days
  • The Junimo message in the community center translates to "We the junimo are happy to aid you. In return we ask for gifts of the valley. If you are one with forest magic then you will see the true nature of this scroll."
  • Each room has a Junimo that stands in front of the plaque, disappearing when the player gets near. When a bundle is completed, the associated Junimo will be seen carrying the bundle into the hut. When a room is completed, the Junimo will retrieve a star from the hut and place it above the mantle, and will then follow the player around until they leave the Community Center.
  • A Junimo carrying a bundle into the hut might say "A gift!" or "Thank you!" in Junimo. When fetching a star, they might say "Junimo!" or "Star!".
  • If the player completes two different bundles on the same day, the cutscene for the second bundle that was completed will be skipped and only the cutscene from the first bundle will be played.
  • If the player completes a particular bundle the day before he/she gets married, then the cutscene in which the Junimos unlock whatever was promised from said bundle will be skipped.
  • After being fully restored, some villagers may visit the Community Center on Fridays to hang around for the rest of their day.
  • After being restored the clock will work again and keep pace with the in-game clock.
  • Strangely enough; when the player passes out after 2 AM even after Joja Mart is run out of town, a Joja Mart Representative can still find you incapacitated.
  • There is a room in the community center in the upper-left corner with no bundles, once the community center is finished it is revealed as a kitchen and a dining area, ironically Gus doesn't go there that much.
  • It is possible for the cutscene to occur on the 28th of Summer (The Dance of the Moonlight Jellies).