Junimo Hut

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Junimo Hut
Junimo Hut.png
Build cost: Coin Icon20,000g
Build materials: Stone.png Stone (200)Starfruit.png Starfruit (9)Fiber.png Fiber (100)
Size: 3x2

The Junimo Hut is a type of building purchasable from the Wizard at the Wizard's Tower after finishing the Goblin Problem Quest. The hut allows Junimos to live on the player's farm and harvest any fully grown crops that are within the huts vicinity. The leaves of the roof change based on the season.


When placed; the hut will have Junimos gather crops (including flowers) in the area around it when they're ready for harvest. Players can collect crops from the hut whenever they'd like.

Junimos will not collect crops in the rain, nor will they collect crops grown from Wild Seeds.

They gather in a 17x17 square: 7 spaces horizontally to the left and right, 8 spaces below and 7 spaces above. Each hut will let out three Junimos which will harvest crops by picking them one at a time until all nearby crops are harvested. After the Junimos are finished they will return to their hut and leave the crops in a bag outside for the player to collect.

Junimos continue to gather while you're not at the farm, however if you end the day before they finish gathering then the remaining crops within the vicinity of the hut are not automatically retrieved.

If crops with trellises (i.e., Green Beans, Hops, and Grapes) are planted in a 24-tile pattern surrounding an iridium sprinkler, Junimos will harvest all crops regardless of whether or not the player him/herself can reach it. However, make sure that you can access the hut with a pathway before surrounding the Junimo hut with these crops.

If the entrance to the hut is obstructed the Junimos will sometimes be unable to collect crops.



  • 1.1: Introduced.