Golden Pumpkin

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Golden Pumpkin
Golden Pumpkin.png
It's valuable but has no other purpose.
Source: Spirit's Eve
Artifact Trove.png Artifact Trove
Season:  Fall
Healing Effect:
Sell Price: Gold.png2,500g

The Golden Pumpkin is an item that can be obtained each year during the Spirit's Eve Festival. To obtain the Golden Pumpkin, head north after arriving at the festival. Go through the maze until reaching a sign that contains a question mark. Proceed through the bushes to the left of the sign, then move north into a cave. Continue east and then south; then the treasure chest with the Golden Pumpkin will be reached.

It can also be obtained in Artifact Troves (3.7% chance). It can be sold through the Shipping Bin for Gold.png2,500g.

Despite its description, it has two other uses:


Villager Reactions


A Golden Pumpkin is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the Witch Hat.png Witch Hat. It can be used in dyeing, serving as a yellow dye at the dye pots, located in Emily's and Haley's house, 2 Willow Lane.


The Golden Pumpkin must be sold at the Shipping Bin on the farm, as Pierre will not buy it.


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.3.27: Changed from universally hated gift to universally loved gift.
  • 1.4: Added Artifact Trove as a source. Can now be used in Tailoring.