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The Spirit's Eve Festival takes place on the 27th of every Fall starting between 10:00PM and 11:50PM at the Pelican Town Square.

The festival features a maze where it is possible to obtain the Golden Pumpkin. Pierre has set up a shopping booth where the player can purchase festive items including a rarecrow, a Jack-O-Lantern, and a Jack-O-Lantern recipe.

The maze is located to the north of Pierre's festive shop. The maze has few dead ends and progresses in a nearly linear fashion. The player has as much time as needed to navigate to the finish. Towards the end of the maze, in the northwest corner of the map, the player must walk through a block of hedge to the left of a wooden sign with a question mark. Once through, the player must go north through an open cavern and continue east to get to the Golden Pumpkin. According to townsfolk rumours, the skeletons were supposedly created by the Wizard.

Unlike many other events, there are no contests or challenges to finish, apart from completing the maze. The festival ends when you leave Pelican Town. After leaving, you will be returned to The Farm at 12am.

Haunted Maze

The haunted maze is set up by Rasmodius the Wizard. The villagers say he was so committed to creating a frightening maze that it took him all day to set it up. The Wizard cannot be reached, but in the game's data files he has dialog that says "The affairs of mundane folk matter little to me, but the elementals like a chance to see you up close. It was for them that I created this silly maze."

A large majority of the townspeople are either frightened or confused by the maze (especially Abigail, who can't continue due to her fear of spiders). Jodi does not allow Vincent to go in the maze because it is "too scary for children".

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Surviving the Haunted Maze

Like all mazes, the "keep going left" mentality is present here. Just keep on going left; it isn't a huge maze. It may be worth it to stop and talk to the characters, as some of the dialogue can be amusing.

The trick to reaching the end is to take the secret passage, which begins just underneath and to the left of the "?" signpost, and then continues to the right inside the cave to the North. It weaves to the left and right, which requires a little bit of blind navigation. Wearing a ring which provides light, such as the Glow ring, will allow you to track your movement more easily. You will exit down into the treasure section of the maze.

A golden pumpkin is given as a reward for finishing the maze. It has no purpose other than to sell, and it's worth 2,500g.

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Image Name Description Price
Jack-O-Lantern A whimsical fall decoration. 750g
Jack-O-Lantern Recipe Blueprints for crafting a Jack-O-Lantern 2,000g
Rarecrow 2.png
Rarecrow Collect them all! (2 out of 8) 5,000g


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