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Dyeing is the process of changing the color of clothing. Dyeing can be done in two ways, both of which are available at Emily's house: by using the dye pots and by using the sewing machine. Both are unlocked during a cutscene with Emily after obtaining at least 1 Cloth.

Dye Pots

The Dye Pots interface

You can change the color of clothing, using the Dye Pots to the right of the sewing machine in Emily's house. You must be wearing the item(s) you wish to dye (each item will be dyed separately at no extra cost).

To create a dye you have to interact with the pots and have an item in your inventory representing each color dye pot (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). Items in your inventory will have a a color dot in the bottom left that corresponds with the color pot that they belong to. Hovering over each pot will also show the available items in your inventory for that color.

Once you have each pot filled, a dye bottle will light up in the menu. Upon clicking the dye bottle button, a menu will pop up with color sliders (similar to the character creation menu) that allow you to choose any color for the item(s) of clothing being dyed. The items in the dye pots will be consumed.

Shown below are complete lists of all items that dye pots will accept.

Red: Apple, Bait, Baryte, Bouquet, Bruschetta, Cherry, Cherry Bomb, Crab, Cranberries, Cranberry Candy, Cranberry Sauce, Crimsonfish, Dolomite, Dwarf Scroll I, Eggplant Parmesan, Energy Tonic, Explosive Ammo, Fairy Rose, Fire Quartz, Helvite, Holly, Hot Pepper, Jasper, Jelly (any), Lava Eel, Lobster, Magma Geode, Mega Bomb, Melon, Miner's Treat, Nekoite, Peach, Pink Cake, Pizza, Radish, Radish Salad, Red Mullet, Red Mushroom, Red Plate, Red Slime Egg, Red Snapper, Rhubarb, Rhubarb Pie, Ruby, Salmon, Salmon Dinner, Salmonberry, Sashimi, Shrimp, Shrimp Cocktail, Spaghetti, Spicy Eel, Star Shards, Strange Bun, Strawberry, Sweet Gem Berry, Tomato, Tulip, Void Mayonnaise

Orange: Acorn, Aged Roe (any), Apricot, Autumn's Bounty, Basic Fertilizer, Basic Retaining Soil, Bread, Bullhead, Carp Surprise, Cave Carrot, Chanterelle, Chewing Stick, Chipped Amphora, Chocolate Cake, Clay, Coconut, Coffee, Coffee Bean, Common Mushroom, Cookie, Copper Bar, Copper Ore, Crab Cakes, Crab Pot, Crispy Bass, Deluxe Speed-Gro, Dorado, Driftwood, Dwarvish Helm, Earth Crystal, Eel, Farmer's Lunch, Field Snack, Flounder, Fried Mushroom, Geode, Glazed Yams, Hardwood, Hashbrowns, Hazelnut, Hematite, Jack-O-Lantern, Lemon Stone, Lingcod, Maple Bar, Maple Seed, Maple Syrup, Morel, Mudstone, Nautilus Shell, Octopus, Orange, Orpiment, Pancakes, Pepper Poppers, Pine Cone, Pine Tar, Plum Pudding, Poppy, Potato, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Soup, Quality Fertilizer, Quality Retaining Soil, Rain Totem, Rainbow Trout, Roasted Hazelnuts, Roe (any), Roots Platter, Rotten Plant, Rusty Cog, Rusty Spur, Scorpion Carp, Smallmouth Bass, Speed-Gro, Spice Berry, Stir Fry, Stonefish, Stuffing, Sunfish, Survival Burger, Tiger Trout, Tigerseye, Tortilla, Tree Fertilizer, Triple Shot Espresso, Trout Soup, Truffle, Unmilled Rice, Warp Totem: Beach, Warp Totem: Desert, Warp Totem: Farm, Warp Totem: Mountains, Wild Horseradish, Winter Root, Wood, Woodskip, Yam

Yellow: Angler, Baked Fish, Beer, Blobfish, Bone Flute, Calcite, Carp, Cheese, Chicken Statue, Complete Breakfast, Corn, Daffodil, Dandelion, Dish o' The Sea, Dried Starfish, Dwarf Scroll IV, Elvish Jewelry, Fish Taco, Fried Calamari, Fried Eel, Fruit Salad, Goat Cheese, Gold Bar, Gold Ore, Golden Mask, Golden Pumpkin, Golden Relic, Hay, Honey (any), Jagoite, Lucky Lunch, Mead, Muscle Remedy, Oil, Pale Ale, Parsnip, Parsnip Soup, Perch, Pike, Pufferfish, Pyrite, Rabbit's Foot, Sandfish, Sandstone, Sap, Sea Cucumber, Snail, Solar Essence, Starfruit, Strange Doll (yellow), Summer Spangle, Sunflower, Topaz, Torch, Treasure Chest, Truffle Oil, Walleye, Wheat

Green: Algae Soup, Artichoke, Bean Hotpot, Bok Choy, Cactus Fruit, Coleslaw, Dinosaur Egg, Duck Feather, Dwarf Scroll II, Emerald, Esperite, Fiber, Fiddlehead Fern, Fiddlehead Risotto, Green Algae, Green Bean, Green Slime Egg, Green Tea, Hops, Jade, Jamborite, Juice (any), Kale, Largemouth Bass, Legend, Malachite, Mutant Carp, Oak Resin, Ocean Stone, Oil of Garlic, Petrified Slime, Pickles (any), Salad, Seaweed, Shad, Slimejack, Strange Doll (green), Super Meal, Tea Leaves, Vegetable Medley

Blue: Aerinite, Albacore, Anchovy, Ancient Doll, Ancient Fruit, Aquamarine, Battery Pack, Blackberry, Blackberry Cobbler, Blue Jazz, Blue Slime Egg, Blueberry, Blueberry Tart, Bream, Broken CD, Broken Glasses, Clam, Crystal Fruit, Dwarf Scroll III, Frozen Geode, Frozen Tear, Glacierfish, Glass Shards, Herring, Ice Pip, Joja Cola, Kyanite, Midnight Squid, Opal, Periwinkle, Sardine, Seafoam Pudding, Spook Fish, Sturgeon, Tuna

Purple: Amaranth, Amethyst, Ancient Drum, Beet, Bug Meat, Coral, Crocus, Eggplant, Fairy Stone, Fire Opal, Fluorapatite, Grape, Iridium Bar, Iridium Ore, Life Elixir, Midnight Carp, Pomegranate, Poppyseed Muffin, Purple Mushroom, Purple Slime Egg, Red Cabbage, Refined Quartz, Sea Urchin, Super Cucumber, Sweet Pea, Thunder Egg, Void Essence, Void Salmon, Wild Plum, Wine (any)

Sewing Machine

The Sewing Machine interface

You can also use the sewing machine for a basic color change by placing the clothing item in the feed at the lower left of the sewing machine and the item to use as dye is placed on the spool at the upper right. The item on the spool is consumed in the process. There is a preview of the changed item in the sewing machine menu.

Using a Prismatic Shard or Rainbow Shell to dye clothing will open a menu where you can choose any color using slider buttons.

When you dye using the sewing machine you get a combination of the item's current color and the item you use. For example, a dark green shirt dyed with a white item will become lighter green. A blue shirt dyed with a red item will become a shade of purple. A blue shirt dyed with a yellow item will become a shade of green, etc.

Dye Strength

Base dye strength is 25%, "Medium" dye strength is 50%, and "Strong" dye strength is 100%. To achieve full color saturation, it may be necessary to dye the clothing up to 4 times.

Shown below is a comparison of the effect of dye strength on a white shirt. Fire Quartz has a normal dye strength, Eggplant Parmesan has a medium dye strength, and Cranberries have a strong dye strength.

Original 25% 50% 75% 100%
Shirt176 25percent.png
Shirt176 50percent.png
Shirt176 75percent.png
Shirt176 100percent.png
Fire Quartz.png × 1 Fire Quartz.png × 2

Eggplant Parmesan.png × 1

Fire Quartz.png × 3 Fire Quartz.png × 4

Eggplant Parmesan.png × 2

Cranberries.png × 1

Shown below is an expandable table of all items that can be used to dye clothing, their colors, and dye strengths.

Item Color Strength 
Acorn brown
Aerinite cyan
Aged Roe (any) orange
Alamite gray
Albacore blue
Algae Soup dark green
Amaranth pale violet red medium
Amethyst purple
Amphibian Fossil white
Anchor gray strong
Anchovy blue
Ancient Doll blue strong
Ancient Drum purple strong
Ancient Fruit cyan
Ancient Sword gray strong
Angler yellow
Apple red
Apricot orange
Aquamarine aquamarine
Arrowhead gray strong
Artichoke green medium
Artichoke Dip white
Autumn's Bounty brown
Bait pink
Baked Fish yellow
Baryte red
Basalt gray
Basic Fertilizer brown
Basic Retaining Soil brown
Bat Wing black
Battery Pack cyan
Bean Hotpot green
Beer yellow
Beet dark purple strong
Bixite black
Blackberry dark blue
Blackberry Cobbler dark blue
Blobfish sand
Blue Jazz blue medium
Blue Slime Egg blue
Blueberry blue strong
Blueberry Tart blue
Bok Choy green medium
Bomb black
Bone Flute sand strong
Bouquet pink
Bread brown
Bream blue
Broken CD cyan
Broken Glasses cyan
Bruschetta red
Bug Meat dark pink
Bullhead brown
Cactus Fruit green
Calcite yellow
Carp yellow
Carp Surprise brown
Catfish gray
Cauliflower white medium
Cave Carrot brown
Caviar black
Celestine iron
Chanterelle brown
Cheese yellow
Cheese Cauliflower white
Cherry red
Cherry Bomb red
Chewing Stick brown strong
Chicken Statue sand strong
Chipped Amphora brown strong
Chocolate Cake brown
Chowder white
Chub gray
Clam light cyan
Clay brown
Cloth white
Coal black
Cockle dark gray
Coconut dark brown
Coffee dark brown
Coffee Bean brown
Coleslaw green
Common Mushroom dark brown
Complete Breakfast yellow
Cookie brown
Copper Bar copper
Copper Ore copper
Coral pale violet red
Corn yellow medium
Crab red
Crab Cakes brown
Crab Pot brown
Cranberries red strong
Cranberry Candy red strong
Cranberry Sauce red strong
Crayfish dark gray
Crimsonfish red
Crispy Bass brown
Crocus purple medium
Crystal Fruit blue
Daffodil yellow
Dandelion yellow
Deluxe Speed-Gro brown
Diamond white
Dinosaur Egg green strong
Dinosaur Mayonnaise white
Dish O' The Sea yellow
Dolomite pink
Dorado orange
Dried Starfish yellow strong
Driftwood brown
Duck Egg white
Duck Feather green
Duck Mayonnaise white
Dwarf Gadget gray strong
Dwarf Scroll I red strong
Dwarf Scroll II green strong
Dwarf Scroll III blue strong
Dwarf Scroll IV yellow strong
Dwarvish Helm brown strong
Earth Crystal copper
Eel copper
Egg white
Eggplant purple medium
Eggplant Parmesan red medium
Elvish Jewelry yellow strong
Emerald green
Energy Tonic red
Escargot gray
Esperite green
Explosive Ammo red
Fairy Rose pink medium
Fairy Stone purple
Farmer's Lunch brown
Fiber green
Fiddlehead Fern green strong
Fiddlehead Risotto green
Field Snack brown
Fire Opal dark purple
Fire Quartz red
Fish Stew gray
Fish Taco yellow
Flounder brown
Fluorapatite purple
Fried Calamari yellow
Fried Eel yellow
Fried Egg white
Fried Mushroom brown
Frozen Geode cyan
Frozen Tear cyan
Fruit Salad yellow
Garlic white medium
Geminite gray
Geode brown
Ghost Crystal gray
Ghostfish white
Glacierfish blue
Glass Shards cyan strong
Glazed Yams brown
Goat Cheese yellow
Goat Milk white
Gold Bar gold
Gold Ore gold
Golden Mask gold strong
Golden Pumpkin gold
Golden Relic gold strong
Granite gray
Grape purple
Green Algae dark green
Green Bean green medium
Green Slime Egg green
Green Tea green
Halibut dark gray
Hardwood brown
Hashbrowns brown
Hay yellow
Hazelnut brown
Helvite red
Hematite copper
Herring blue
Holly red
Honey (any) yellow
Hops green
Hot Pepper red medium
Ice Cream white
Ice Pip blue
Iridium Bar iridium
Iridium Milk iridium
Iridium Ore iridium
Iron Bar iron
Iron Ore iron
Jack-O-Lantern orange
Jade jade
Jagoite gold
Jamborite lime
Jasper red
Jelly (any) dark red
Joja Cola blue
Juice (any) green
Kale green strong
Kyanite dark blue
Large Goat Milk white
Large Egg white
Large Milk white
Largemouth Bass green
Lava Eel red
Leek white
Legend green
Lemon Stone orange
Life Elixir dark pink
Limestone gray
Lingcod brown
Lobster red
Lobster Bisque white
Lucky Lunch yellow
Lunarite white strong
Magma Geode red
Maki Roll black
Malachite green
Maple Bar brown
Maple Seed brown
Maple Syrup brown
Marble gray
Mayonnaise white
Mead gold
Mega Bomb red
Melon pink medium
Midnight Carp iridium
Midnight Squid blue
Milk white
Miner's Treat red
Morel brown
Mudstone brown
Muscle Remedy dark yellow
Mussel gray
Mutant Carp green
Nautilus Fossil white
Nautilus Shell orange
Nekoite pink
Neptunite black
Oak Resin green
Obsidian black
Ocean Stone green
Octopus orange
Oil yellow
Oil of Garlic yellow green
Omelet white
Omni Geode gray
Opal light cyan
Orange orange
Ornamental Fan white strong
Orpiment orange
Oyster gray
Pale Ale gold
Pale Broth white
Palm Fossil white
Pancakes brown
Parsnip yellow medium
Parsnip Soup yellow
Peach pink
Pearl white
Pepper Poppers brown
Perch yellow
Periwinkle cyan
Petrified Slime green
Pickles (any) green
Pike yellow
Pine Cone brown
Pine Tar brown
Pink Cake pink
Pizza red
Plum Pudding brown
Pomegranate dark pink
Poppy orange medium
Poppyseed Muffin poppyseed
Potato brown medium
Prehistoric Handaxe gray strong
Prehistoric Rib white
Prehistoric Scapula white
Prehistoric Skull white
Prehistoric Tibia white
Prehistoric Tool gray strong
Prehistoric Vertebra white
Prismatic Shard prismatic
Pufferfish yellow
Pumpkin orange medium
Pumpkin Pie orange
Pumpkin Soup orange
Purple Mushroom purple
Purple Slime Egg purple
Pyrite gold
Quality Fertilizer brown
Quality Retaining Soil brown
Quartz white
Rabbit's Foot yellow
Radish red medium
Radish Salad red
Rain Totem brown
Rainbow Shell prismatic
Rainbow Trout orange
Rare Disc dark gray strong
Red Cabbage purple medium
Red Mullet red
Red Mushroom red
Red Plate red
Red Slime Egg red
Red Snapper red
Refined Quartz iridium
Rhubarb red medium
Rhubarb Pie red
Rice white
Rice Pudding white
Roasted Hazelnuts dark brown
Roe (any) orange
Roots Platter brown
Rotten Plant copper
Ruby red
Rusty Cog brown strong
Rusty Spoon gray strong
Rusty Spur brown strong
Salad green
Salmon salmon
Salmon Dinner pink
Salmonberry red
Sandfish yellow
Sandstone sand
Sap yellow
Sardine blue
Sashimi pink
Scorpion Carp brown
Sea Cucumber yellow
Sea Urchin purple
Seafoam Pudding blue
Seaweed green
Shad green
Shrimp pink
Shrimp Cocktail pink
Skeletal Hand white
Skeletal Tail white
Slate gray
Slime gray
Slimejack green
Smallmouth Bass brown
Snail yellow
Snow Yam white
Soapstone white
Soggy Newspaper gray
Solar Essence yellow
Spaghetti red medium
Speed-Gro brown
Spice Berry orange
Spicy Eel red
Spook Fish blue
Spring Onion white
Squid white
Squid Ink black
Star Shards pink
Starfruit yellow
Stir Fry brown
Stone gray
Stonefish brown
Strange Bun pink
Strange Doll (green) green strong
Strange Doll (yellow) yellow strong
Strawberry red medium
Stuffing brown
Sturgeon cyan
Sugar white
Summer Spangle yellow medium
Sunfish orange
Sunflower yellow medium
Super Cucumber purple
Super Meal green
Survival Burger brown
Sweet Gem Berry red
Sweet Pea purple medium
Tea Leaves green
Thunder Egg dark purple
Tiger Trout brown
Tigerseye orange
Tilapia gray
Tom Kha Soup white
Tomato red medium
Topaz gold
Torch yellow
Tortilla brown
Trash black
Treasure Chest yellow
Tree Fertilizer brown
Trilobite white
Triple Shot Espresso dark brown strong
Trout Soup brown
Truffle brown
Truffle Oil yellow
Tulip red medium
Tuna blue
Unmilled Rice brown
Vegetable Medley green
Vinegar white
Void Egg black
Void Essence purple
Void Mayonnaise red
Void Salmon dark purple
Walleye yellow
Warp Totem: Beach brown
Warp Totem: Desert brown
Warp Totem: Farm brown
Warp Totem: Mountains brown
Wheat yellow
Wheat Flour white
White Algae white
Wild Horseradish brown
Wild Plum dark purple
Wine (any) dark purple
Winter Root orange
Wood brown
Woodskip orange
Wool white
Yam brown medium