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This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.6 of Stardew Valley. Players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article/section.


Birthday Spring.png Spring 18
Lives In Pelican Town
Address Trailer

Penny Icon.png Penny (Daughter)

Marriage No
Clinic Visit Spring.png Spring 25
Loved Gifts Beer.png BeerCactus Fruit.png Cactus FruitGlazed Yams.png Glazed YamsMead.png MeadPale Ale.png Pale AleParsnip.png ParsnipParsnip Soup.png Parsnip SoupPiña Colada.png Piña Colada
“I was reading the newspaper this morning but then I got depressed. It's a rotten world, kid. Keep your head screwed on right and you'll make it through in one piece... That's what my Pappy always used to say. Heh heh heh.”
— Pam

Pam is a villager who lives in the trailer just west of the river in Pelican Town. She was the driver of the Pelican Town bus before it broke down. Once the bus service has been restored, Pam will manage the bus stop just east of the Farm, opening the way to the Desert.

While the bus service is not active, Pam can usually be found in her home until 12:00pm. She'll then walk over to JojaMart for a few hours, leaving there at 4:00pm to walk to the Stardrop Saloon. Pam is one of Gus' most loyal customers. She spends every evening in his establishment.


After the Beach Resort on Ginger Island is unlocked, Pam may randomly spend the day there. After leaving the Island at 6pm, Pam will immediately go home to bed. Pam never visits the Resort on Fall 15, Festival days, or her checkup day at Harvey's Clinic.

Shown below are Pam's schedules prioritized highest to lowest. For example, if Pam has been selected as a vendor at the desert festival, that schedule overrides all others.

Desert Festival (As Vendor)
11:10 AM Boards the bus to Calico Desert
11:30 AM Arrives at her booth
12:00 AM Leaves booth and takes bus back to the Valley
Spring 15 & 17 (Bus Service Restored)
7:20 AM Leaves her trailer
8:50 AM Arrives at the bus stop
12:50 AM Heads home
Spring 16 (Bus Service Restored)
10:30 AM Boards the bus to Calico Desert to attend the Desert Festival
10:50 AM Stands in front of one of the villager shops
12:40 AM Boards the bus back to the Valley
Spring 25
8:00 AM Lounges on her couch in the trailer.
11:30 AM Leaves her trailer and heads to the medical clinic for her annual checkup.
1:30 PM Continues her checkup at the clinic.
4:00 PM Leaves the clinic and heads to the saloon.
12:00 AM Leaves the saloon and heads home for the night.
Green Rain (Year 1)
All day In The Stardrop Saloon
Winter 12 & 13
All day On The Beach, watching the SquidFest.
Regular Schedule (No Bus Service)
8:00 AM Lounges on her couch in the trailer.
12:00 PM Leaves the trailer and heads to JojaMart.
4:00 PM Leaves JojaMart and heads to the saloon.
12:00 AM Leaves the saloon and heads home.
Regular Schedule (Bus Service Restored)
8:00 AM Lounges on her couch in the trailer.
8:30 AM Leaves the trailer to head to the bus stop just east of the farm.
10:00 AM Arrives at the bus stop for the afternoon.
5:00 PM Leaves the bus stop and heads to the saloon.
12:00 AM Leaves the saloon and back home for the night.


Pam lives with her daughter Penny. She spends every evening socializing at The Stardrop Saloon.


Main article: Friendship
See also: List of All Gifts

You can give Pam up to two gifts per week (plus one on her birthday), which will raise or lower her friendship with you. Gifts on her birthday (Spring.png 18 Spring) will have 8× effect and show a unique dialogue.
For loved or liked gifts, Pam will say

“You remembered my birthday? I'm impressed. Thanks.”
“Oh, is it my birthday today? I guess it is. Thanks. This is nice.”

For neutral gifts, Pam will say

“For my birthday? Thanks.”

For disliked or hated gifts, Pam will say

“It's my birthday and you give me this? Is this some kind of joke?”


“Hey, hey! Now this is really something! Thanks a million, kid.”

Stardrop Tea

“Well, I'll be darned... I never expected to get a gift like this. You made my day, kid!”
Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Pam Happy.png
Beer Drink in moderation. The Stardrop Saloon
Wheat.png Wheat (1)
Cactus Fruit.png
Cactus Fruit The sweet fruit of the prickly pear cactus. Foraging - The Desert
Glazed Yams.png
Glazed Yams Sweet and satisfying... The sugar gives it a hint of caramel. Cooking Yam.png Yam (1)Sugar.png Sugar (1)
Mead A fermented beverage made from honey. Drink in moderation. Keg Honey.png Honey (1)
Pale Ale.png
Pale Ale Drink in moderation. Keg Hops.png Hops (1)
Parsnip A spring tuber closely related to the carrot. It has an earthy taste and is full of nutrients. Farming - Spring
Parsnip Soup.png
Parsnip Soup It's fresh and hearty. Cooking Parsnip.png Parsnip (1)Milk.png Milk (1)Vinegar.png Vinegar (1)
Piña Colada.png
Piña Colada Drink in moderation. Beach Resort on Sundays


“You did good with this one, kid. Thanks!”
Image Name Description Source
Pam Happy.png
Daffodil A traditional spring flower that makes a nice gift. Foraging - Spring


“Thanks, kid.”
Image Name Description Source
Chanterelle A tasty mushroom with a fruity smell and slightly peppery flavor. Foraging - Fall
Common Mushroom.png
Common Mushroom Slightly nutty, with good texture. Foraging - Fall
Dandelion Not the prettiest flower, but the leaves make a good salad. Foraging - Spring
Ginger This sharp, spicy root is said to increase vitality. Foraging - Ginger Island
Hazelnut That's one big hazelnut! Foraging - Fall
Joja Cola.png
Joja Cola The flagship product of Joja corporation. Fishing, JojaMart, Saloon Vending Machine, Garbage Can, Soda Machine
Leek A tasty relative of the onion. Foraging - Spring
Magma Cap.png
Magma Cap A very rare mushroom that lives next to pools of lava. Foraging - Volcano Dungeon
Morel Sought after for its unique nutty flavor. Foraging - Spring
Purple Mushroom.png
Purple Mushroom A rare mushroom found deep in caves. Foraging - The Mines
Snow Yam.png
Snow Yam This little yam was hiding beneath the snow. Foraging - Winter
Winter Root.png
Winter Root A starchy tuber. Foraging - Winter


“This just ain't my thing.”
Image Name Description Source
Pam Concerned.png
Quartz A clear crystal commonly found in caves and mines. Foraging - Mines
Wild Horseradish.png
Wild Horseradish A spicy root found in the spring. Foraging - Spring

*Note that Dinosaur Eggs are considered Artifacts and not Eggs for gifting purposes.


“Now this is just absolutely despicable.”

If you click on Pam again after giving a Hated gift, she will say:

“(Is this some kind of mean joke?)”
Image Name Description Source
Pam Annoyed.png
Holly The leaves and bright red berries make a popular winter decoration. Foraging - Winter
Octopus A mysterious and intelligent creature. Fishing
Squid A deep sea creature that can grow to enormous size. Fishing

Movies & Concessions

Main article: Movie Theater
'It Howls In The Rain'.png It Howls In The Rain

'Journey Of The Prairie King The Motion Picture'.png Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture

'Mysterium'.png Mysterium

'Natural Wonders Exploring Our Vibrant World'.png Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World

'The Brave Little Sapling'.png The Brave Little Sapling

'The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch'.png The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch

'The Zuzu City Express'.png The Zuzu City Express

'Wumbus'.png Wumbus

Love ConcessionLove.png
Nachos.png Nachos
Stardrop Sorbet.png Stardrop Sorbet
Dislike ConcessionDislike.png
Apple Slices.png Apple Slices
Black Licorice.png Black Licorice
Cappuccino Mousse Cake.png Cappuccino Mousse Cake
Hummus Snack Pack.png Hummus Snack Pack
Jasmine Tea.png Jasmine Tea
Kale Smoothie.png Kale Smoothie
Panzanella Salad.png Panzanella Salad
Like ConcessionLike.png
Everything else

Heart Events


At any friendship level greater than zero friendship points, you may receive a gift in the mail from Pam. The chance of receiving a gift in the mail increases as your friendship with Pam increases.

Item Description
Battery Pack.png Battery PackBeer.png BeerEnergy Tonic.png Energy Tonic


I found this in a drawer somewhere. Thought you could use it.


Three Hearts

Three Hearts.png

After reaching 3 hearts with Pam, she will send you a recipe in the mail.

Image Recipe Description
Cheese Cauliflower.png
Cheese Cauliflower

Hey Kid,

Here's the recipe for a little treat my pappy used to make. Cook it slow.


Seven Hearts

Seven Hearts.png

After reaching 7 hearts with Pam, she will send you a recipe in the mail.

Image Recipe Description

Hey Kid,

Here's the recipe for a little treat my pappy used to make. Cook it slow.


Nine Hearts

Nine Hearts.png

Purchase the "Community Upgrade" from the Carpenter's Shop. After earning 9 hearts of friendship with Pam, enter Pam's house at least 4 days after the Community Upgrade is completed.

You find Pam praying before a Sign of the Vessel statue. She confesses that she loves the new house, but hasn't been able to cut back on her drinking. She says she thought the new house would change everything, but it didn't, so she ordered the statue. She then turns to the player for a response.
  • I'm glad you're feeling hopeful (No effect on friendship.)

Pam says she's "getting sappy" in her old age, and the cutscene ends.

  • Sorry Pam, but Yoba isn't real... (-1000 friendship.)

Pam becomes angry and asks "What in the void is wrong with you?" before declaring her faith in Yoba and ordering you to leave.

Trivia: The Yoba statue can be found later near Pam's bed on the second floor of the house, and can be removed and obtained by the player by striking it with a tool.



First Meeting

“Hey, kid. The name's Pam. Don't be a jerk and we'll get along fine.”


“You know, I'd eat healthier food if I could afford it. Hey, you probably have a lot of tasty grub growin' on your farm, hm?”
“Hey, you! Don't be snoopin' around the trailer when I'm out. Got it? Sorry, but I gotta be cautious with strangers.”
“I was reading the newspaper this morning but then I got depressed. It's a rotten world, kid. Keep your head screwed on right and you'll make it through in one piece... That's what my Pappy always used to say. Heh heh heh.”
“Times have been tough lately. I got laid off of my job as a bus driver. If I got that job back I could drive you to Calico Desert.”
“My house ain't pretty but at least it's by the river.”
“Hey. Penny's my baby girl. Be nice to her or leave her alone, got it?”
“Penny says I spend too much time at the saloon...”
“You know, I've been thinking... I wish I had a hobby. Something to do other than hanging around at that saloon every night. You got any ideas? ...Ehh. Maybe I'll play checkers against myself.”
“Each day's just the same as the last... If only I'd been born rich...”
“Make sure your boots are clean before you go stompin' around in my house. It's annoying to clean a mess. You should know that by now.”
“I wish a team of elves would come during the night and tidy up my house. Hahahaha.”
“I could sure go for some parsnips.”
“If my legs weren't so stiff I'd visit the mountains every now and then.”

Rainy Days

“Howdy, kid. Stayin' dry?”


“urghh... my head...”
“Blahh... I had one too many caramel porters at the saloon last night... Go away.”

If bus is back in service

“Hey, did you hear about the ol' bus? Yep... I'm back on the saddle, kid... hehe. Feels nice.”
“You don't know how glad I am that the bus is up and running! I feel alive again.”

If Player is married to Penny

“It's awful lonely at home all by myself...”
“Hey. You better be treatin' Penny right on that old farm of yours. She's the only one I got!”
“Penny's the only one I've got, so you best treat her kindly.”

Doctor Visit

“*grumble*... Doctor know-it-all... *grumble*”
“How much do I drink every day? What kind of a question is that?”

House upgrade

“I can't believe you bought me a house! Is there any catch? Sorry, I'm not used to people being so nice...”

If anonymous

“I can't believe someone bought me a house! I wonder if it's some kind of scam? Sorry, I'm not used to people being so nice...”

In Saloon

“Nothin' like a sip o' the good stuff to warm these old bones...”
“Hey, kid. I'd buy you a drink if I could afford it!”
“Hey Gus! Gimme another round! *hic*”
“*Sigh*... Hey, kid. You're too young to be moping around in a place like this.”
“*gulp* ... I've been looking forward to this beverage all afternoon. Heh heh.”
“Oi, Gus! Gimme another pint of your strongest!”
“(Pam isn't responding.)”
“(Pam seems out of it. Better leave her alone right now.)”


“Hi, stranger.”
“Oh, it's [Miss/Mr.] [Player]. Do you need my help or something?”
“Havin' a local farm is good for our town.”
“Maybe if you do real well on your farm it'll boost the local economy. Then everyone will have a job and we'll all be happy, right?”
“Oh, hi there, farmer. I don't often chit-chat with strangers.”
“I always seem to end up at the saloon at some point. It's too close to my house. It ain't healthy.”
“Don't mind that ol' dog next to the house. He might look at you cross, but he'll never get up from that box in a hunderd years. The old boy's name? It's Dusty.”
“Someone's been complainin' about my yard... sayin' it's a mess. Was it you? Hmmm...”

If male

“...Yeah? You're a fine lookin' young man. Why're you wastin' your time talkin' to an old girl like me?”

If female

“You're a pretty gal. What 're you wastin' your time talkin' to someone like me for?”

6+ Hearts

“I had hopes and dreams like you, once... But look at me now. Life doesn't always turn out like you expect. Ah well. There's no sense dwellin' on what you don't have.”

Green Rain Year 1

“It's a sign from the Almighty... We're doomed...”

Year 2+

“I think these rains are a show of force... a warning. You could say it's from nature, from Yoba, whatever you like... but that's what I think. What I mean is, we can't get too cocky. Or else, instead of a green rain, maybe we'll have a blood-red rain... See what I mean?”

Green rain finished (next day)

“Well, I guess the end-times haven't come just yet, kid... Ah well, back to the ol' nine to five...”


“If I knew you better, I'd be more inclined to chat.”
“I used to be young, once. Hard to believe, huh? Time sure goes fast when you grow up.”
“*Sigh*... I guess I'll be popping a frozen dinner into the microwave tonight.”
“Penny's the only one I've got, so you best treat her kindly.”
“Every day is the same old routine... Do you ever have that problem, farmer?”
“Would you do me a kindness and clean up my house? Just kidding.”
“Don't you have work to do? You should be thankful that you have a job rather than moping around town all the time.”
“I miss my old truck driving job. I used to go all around the valley, meetin' people, listenin' to the radio. Times sure do change.”


“You got any hogs on that farm?”
“Do you want somethin' from me, kid? Best look somewhere else.”
“I just hope Penny has a good life ahead of her. If you ever have kids you'll know how I feel. ...It's so dry in winter. My skin feels like old parchment.”
“Hey kid. What're you up to? I'm just passin' time, same as always.”
“It's awful cold. A visit to the saloon should warm me up, don't you think? Heh heh. Why don't you swing by the saloon later for a taste o' the Oh-Be-Joyful?”
“Penny sure does like old books. I think she's a heck of a lot smarter than I ever was. I'm glad.”
“I oughta take up fishin', seein' as how close the river is.”
“Blah... my front yard's a mess.”

At Ginger Island

“Looks like there's some unique fish swimmin' around. Next time I'll have to bring my pole!”
“Heh... Willy gave us each a piece of his fish jerky on the ride over. Delicious!”
“Now this is comfort! I might even take my shoes off! Better not look too closely at my feet, kid.”
“It's a special occasion, kid... I'm ordering something unique. Make it a double!”

Egg Festival

Odd-numbered year

“Hehe... I put something nice into the punch. Shhh... that's just between you and me, kid.”

Even-numbered year

“Hey... If you're gonna feed me eggs, I'm gonna need some hot sauce, kid!”

Flower Dance

“Now this is the life... Huh, kid? Sweet wine, a babbling brook, warm air... Did I mention wine?”

The Luau

“Heh... free buffet. One of the perks of living here. Enjoy it, kid!”

Dance of the Moonlight Jellies

“Don't tell Gus, but I'm a little disappointed there's no buffet tonight.”

Stardew Valley Fair

“Better hurry up, kid... Before ol' Pam here fishes every last lunker out of the tent! Hehe.”

Spirit's Eve

“I'll come to any event with free grub! You won't see me in the haunted maze, though.”

Festival of Ice

“I plan on winning the ice fishing competition! Willy is gonna be pretty hard to beat, though... He does this kinda stuff day and night.”

Feast of the Winter Star

“Hmmph... I'm still upset I didn't win the ice fishing competition.”




  • In v1.3, Pam no longer follows you into the bus when purchasing a ticket to the desert. Instead, she stands in place until the bus cutscene triggers. This may have been done to prevent the rare "disappearing Pam" bug, in which Pam would disappear from the game and never return.


  • 1.3.27: Added 9-heart event. Changed bus stop animation.
  • 1.4: Fixed bug where all recipes would be sent at 3 friendship hearts.
  • 1.5: Added beach portraits.
  • 1.6: Added custom gift reactions. Added winter portraits. Pam is no longer required to be at the Bus Stop to drive to the Calico Desert on days she is unavailable. Now neutral to Joja Cola.