The Mines

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The Mines
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The Mines are located in the north area of the Mountains (northeast of the Carpenter's Shop and to the west of the Adventurer's Guild). They are blocked-off by rock debris until the 5th day of Spring (year 1), when the player receives a letter.

There is a total of 120 floors, or levels, in the Mines. Ore quality (type) and quantity increases as the player moves deeper into the Mines. The Mines are filled with rocks and dirt patches. Rocks can be mined with a pickaxe in order to obtain stone, ore and geodes. A hoe can be used on dirt patches to collect minerals, artifacts, ore, clay, and cave carrots.

To advance deeper in the Mines, a ladder must be revealed on each floor. The ladder will sometimes appear when rocks are broken or after an enemy is defeated (killing enemies is the stamina-free option to finding ladders). If a floor is "infested" or "overrun" by monsters, all enemies must be defeated on that floor before a ladder will appear.

If the player has reached at least level 2 in the Mining skill, floors can be skipped by using a Staircase (crafted from 99 Stone). A Staircase allows instant access to the next floor in the Mines. After every 5 floors, an elevator will be available, allowing access to that floor at any time.

Dying in the Mines causes the player to "forget" several of the most recent floors. Generally, around 5~11 floors will be lost, which means the elevator to those floors will not be accessible until progression is once again made. 10% of the player's gold will also be lost, as well as various items, including weapons, tools, and unique items (except for the Galaxy Sword and rings). If tools are lost, they will be returned in the mail on the following day, though Fishing poles and weapons will not be returned.

A Minecart is located on the entry floor for quick travel to and from the mine. It is unlocked by completing the Community Center boiler room bundles or purchased from the Joja Community Development Form.


The Mines consist of 120 floors or levels. These floors are divided into three sections, 40 floors each, with their own themes; the first section has a brown earth theme, the second section has an ice theme, the third and last section has a lava and dark purple theme. The last ten floors of each section has a variation of the main theme; the first section (Floor 31-39) has a shadow theme, the second section (70-79) has a castle theme, and the third section (110-119) has a darker crimson theme.

The corresponding floors in each section have the same layout. For example, Floor 1, 41, and 81 have the same layout; as does 2, 42, and 82; or Floor 10, 50, and 90; and so on.

Floor Theme Enemies Treasures Notes
Entrance Brown Earth None Rusty Sword A Minecart is located here.
The Dwarf lives through the blocked passage to the east.
(A Steel Pickaxe or a Cherry Bomb is required to break the obstruction.)
1 - 9 Brown Earth Green Slime Duggy Bug Rock Crab Gems found: Amethyst, Topaz, Quartz, and Earth Crystal
10 Brown Earth None Leather Boots
11 - 19 Brown Earth, Weeds Green Slime Duggy Bug Rock Crab Grub Cave Fly Floor 19 is set in a spiral pattern.
20 Brown Earth, Weeds None Steel Smallsword Fishing: Ghostfish and Stonefish
21 - 29 Brown Earth, Weeds Green Slime Duggy Bug Rock Crab Grub Cave Fly
30 Brown Earth None No reward
31 - 39 Shadow, Grey Earth Bat Stone Golem Abundant Copper Ore,
Geodes are common
40 Frozen Earth None Slingshot
41 - 49 Frozen Earth Frost Jelly Frost Bat Dust Sprite Abundant Iron Ore, Frozen Geodes, Aquamarine, Frozen Tear, and Jade
50 Frozen Earth None Tundra Boots Diamonds begin to appear (1 in 500 stones).
Each floor after 50 increases frequency by 0.00016 (e.g. 1 in 100 stones on floor 100).
51 - 59 Frozen Earth Frost Jelly Frost Bat Dust Sprite Ghost Abundant Dust Sprites (Coal).
Floor 52 has a bag of coal at the end of the path.
60 Frozen Earth None Crystal Dagger Fishing: Ice Pip and Ghostfish
61 - 69 Frozen Earth Frost Jelly Frost Bat Dust Sprite Ghost
70 Frozen Castle None Master Slingshot
71 - 79 Frozen Castle Frost Jelly Frost Bat Dust Sprite Ghost Skeleton Frozen Geodes

Abundant Iron Ore

80 Lava, Purple Earth None Firewalker Boots
81 - 89 Lava, Purple Earth Red Sludge Lava Bat Lava Crab Shadow Brute Shadow Shaman Metal Head Squid Kid Gold Ore and Magma Geodes begin to appear.
Emeralds, Fire Quartz, and Rubies are common.
90 Lava, Purple Earth None Obsidian Edge
91 - 99 Lava, Purple Earth Red Sludge Lava Bat Lava Crab Shadow Brute Shadow Shaman Metal Head Squid Kid Coal is less common from here onward (from Dust Sprites).
100 Lava, Purple Earth, Weeds None Stardrop Fishing: Lava Eel and Ghostfish
101 - 109 Lava, Purple Earth, Weeds Red Sludge Lava Bat Lava Crab Shadow Brute Shadow Shaman Metal Head Squid Kid Abundant Gold Ore
110 Lava, Crimson Earth None Space Boots
111 - 119 Lava, Crimson Earth Red Sludge Lava Bat Lava Crab Shadow Brute Shadow Shaman Metal Head Squid Kid
120 Lava, Purple Earth Weeds None Skull Key Final floor


Useful food when spelunking in the Mines.

Image Name Description Stat Bonus Duration
Autumn's Bounty.png
Autumn's Bounty A taste of the season. Foraging (+2) Defense (+2) 7m41s
Coffee It smells delicious. This is sure to give you a boost. Speed (+1) 1m23s
Crab Cakes.png
Crab Cakes Crab, bread crumbs, and egg formed into patties then fried to a golden brown. Speed (+1) Defense (+1) 16m47s
Cranberry Sauce.png
Cranberry Sauce A festive treat. Mining (+2) 3m30s
Eggplant Parmesan.png
Eggplant Parmesan Tangy, cheesy, and wonderful. Mining (+1) Defense (+3) 4m39s
Fried Eel.png
Fried Eel Greasy but flavorful. Luck (+1) 7m
Fried Mushroom.png
Fried Mushroom Earthy and aromatic. Attack (+2) 7m
Lucky Lunch.png
Lucky Lunch A special little meal. Luck (+3) 11m11s
Maple Bar.png
Maple Bar It's a sweet doughnut topped with a rich maple glaze. Farming (+1) Fishing (+1) Mining (+1) 16m47s
Miner's Treat.png
Miner's Treat This should keep your energy up. Mining (+3) Magnetism (+32) 5m35s
Pepper Poppers.png
Pepper Poppers Spicy breaded peppers filled with cheese. Speed (+1) Farming (+2) 7m
Pumpkin Soup.png
Pumpkin Soup A seasonal favorite. Luck (+2) Defense (+2) 7m41s
Roots Platter.png
Roots Platter This'll keep you digging for more. Attack (+3) 5m35s
Spicy Eel.png
Spicy Eel It's really spicy! Be careful. Luck (+1) Speed (+1) 7m
Stuffing Ahh... the smell of warm bread and sage. Defense (+2) 5m35s
Super Meal.png
Super Meal It's a really energizing meal. Speed (+1)

Max Energy.png Max Energy (+40)



You will face many Monsters in the Mines. Be prepared. Make sure to bring lots of food that refill HP and energy, or craft life elixirs which refill all health when used.

Losing all your health in the Mines is not ideal. You will lose money, items from your inventory and you will "forget" previous floors you've discovered (meaning you can no longer use the elevator to access them until you reach them again). The amounts of items, gold and knowledge lost vary.

You will awaken in the mine entrance, apparently having been found by one of the villagers who live nearby.

If the screen becomes "misty", "glowy", or "foggy" be prepared to fight. When this happens lots of the current biomes' flying monsters will spawn and attack you. Consuming Oil of Garlic will prevent these infestation fogs.

Infested floors

Occasionally you will enter an infested floor filled with slimes or a mix of monsters. Unlike normal floors, there are no rocks and in slime-infested floors the walls and ground are covered in green slime rather than the normal themes. Forage-able items such as quartz or mushrooms may still be found though. To proceed from an infested floor, you must continue to fight until all monsters are killed (this includes duggies that may be hidden under dirt patches), at which point a ladder will appear either where the last monster was killed or next to the entrance (the player will be notified with a message saying, "A way down has appeared").

A Staircase can also be used to escape an infested floor.

An infested floor will always be on the same level for each day and goes up one level the next day. For example, if an infested floor is found on level 54 one day, it will be on 53 the next day, 52 the day after that, and so on. On some days, an infested floor might not be found because certain floors are excluded from being infested. These include elevator/treasure floors and the first five, last ten, and nineteenth floor of each section (refer back to the information about sections in Floors). There can be multiple infested floors at once, each are generally around twenty or more floors apart.

The Oil of Garlic Buff prevent levels from being infested. Oil of Garlic must be consumed before entering the level to prevent infestation.

Repeatedly visiting infested floors can be an excellent way to quickly achieve some of the Monster Eradication Goals at the Adventurer's Guild.

The Mushroom Floor

Sometimes a floor in the lower section of the mine (levels 81-119) will have greatly increased spawns of red and purple mushrooms. These floors will also notably have a variety of colored lanterns which usually includes at least one green lantern. Mushrooms will continue to respawn on that floor throughout the same game day (even if the player quits and restarts,) and so repeated trips can be made to collect a large number of mushrooms.

Because of the way the game chooses such floors, the mushroom floor will "move up" one level each day; for example, if level 94 is a mushroom floor on Spring 5, then level 93 will be a mushroom floor on Spring 6. A player could thus track the mushroom floor and only choose to exploit it when the level can be reached quickly such as when it is one floor below an elevator. Note however, that no mushrooms will spawn on an elevator level itself (floors ending in 0 or 5) or if the level is infested (see previous section.) Additionally, the mushroom floor is neither unique nor guaranteed -- there may be multiple active mushroom floors or no such floors at all on a given day, and that situation may persist for several days or weeks.

Skull Cavern Mine

On floor 120 of the Mines is the Skull Key. The skull key is used to open a door in a cave in The Desert, leading to the Skull Cavern. It is also used to unlock the Junimo Kart arcade machine for play in The Stardrop Saloon.


  • The axe, scythe or pickaxe can be used to kill monsters in lieu of the sword.
  • Stone can be purchased from the Carpenter's Shop for Gold.png20g each, making it possible to skip all 120 floors using Staircases for just under Gold.png250,000g (useful for unlocking all the floors in order to return later)


  • Repeatedly clicking the journal icon until the journal is open during a death animation will cause the cutscene where a villager finds and revives you to be skipped. It also prevents the loss of items and gold, and the "forgetting" of mine levels.
  • Some players have reported that blowing up fences, Mayonnaise Machines, and other objects on floor 120 (with any type of bomb) will reveal a ladder to level 1 of the Skull Cavern, which allows you to travel to the Desert without having to repair the bus. Other players have reported that they cannot replicate this exploit. This exploit was reported to be fixed in versions 1.3.12 and 1.3.14.


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Players with access to their saved game files may find the "Stardew Predictor" utility helpful for predicting which mine floors will be infested and which floors will be mushroom levels. The utility is located at