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The Luau is a Festival that takes place on the 11th of every Summer. You attend the Luau by entering The Beach between 9am and 2pm. (You cannot enter the beach before 9am.) When the Luau ends, you will be returned to The Farm at 10pm.

On the day of the Festival, every home and shop in Stardew Valley is "locked" and cannot be entered.

A central feature of the Luau is the communal potluck soup, made with ingredients added by villagers. The player may choose to add an ingredient to the soup, then the Governor tastes and judges it. The soup-tasting begins by talking to Mayor Lewis and choosing "Yes, let's start." at the dialogue option.

The reaction of the Governor at the soup tasting depends upon what item the player has added to it, if any. Friendship points with most villagers will also increase, decrease, or not change, depending on the item added to the soup. Friendships with Sandy, the Wizard, Krobus, the player's Children, and the Dwarf are never affected.

The Luau ends automatically after the Governor tastes the soup.


When adding an item to the potluck soup, only edible, uncooked items are valid. (Although Life Elixir and Oil of Garlic are crafted and not cooked, the game considers them "cooked" items, so they are not eligible. Magic Rock Candy is considered a "cooked" item as well, so it's not eligible. Field Snack, however, is eligible.) Note that the game does not inform the player before the event that the "potluck" is a soup, nor that cooked or inedible items are not valid.

Before the soup-tasting, Mayor Lewis states "I trust that you all put high-quality ingredients in the pot this year. We don't want the governor to regret his visit to the valley!" At this point it is too late for the player to change the item already added to the soup.

Note that item quality, base sell price, and edibility (healing effect) are the three determining factors of the Governor's reaction. Profession bonuses that increase the sell price of items (such as Rancher, Angler, etc.) are not considered in the game's calculations.

There are 6 possible outcomes depending on the item added to the soup (if any).

Missing Something Response

“Hmmm... Well it's not bad, but it's missing something... Did everyone in town contribute an ingredient to the soup? I feel like it's missing someone's unique voice.”
— Governor

The player neither earns nor loses friendship with the villagers if no item is used. In a multiplayer game, all players must add an item to the soup, or the "Missing Something" response will occur.

Best Response

“Oh my... that's the best soup I've ever tasted!”
— Governor

The player earns 120 friendship points with the villagers if any of these items are used. In a multiplayer game, all players must add an item from the list below to achieve the "Best Response."

Quality Eligible Items
Normal Normal quality items are not eligible.
Silver Ancient Fruit WineApple WineBlobfishCoconut WineCrimsonfishCrystal Fruit WineGoat CheeseIce PipLarge Goat MilkLava EelLegendMelon WineOrange WinePale AlePeach WinePomegranate WineRhubarb WineStarfruitStarfruit WineStrawberry WineWine (from Traveling Cart)
Gold / Iridium* Ancient Fruit WineAnglerApple WineArtichokeBeerBlobfishCactus Fruit WineCatfishCauliflowerChanterelleCheeseCherry WineCoconut WineCranberries WineCrimsonfishCrystal Fruit WineFairy RoseGlacierfishGoat CheeseGoat MilkGrape WineIce PipLarge Goat MilkLarge MilkLava EelLegendMeadMelonMelon WineMutant CarpOrange WinePale AlePeach WinePomegranate WinePurple MushroomRed CabbageRhubarb WineSpice Berry WineSpook FishStarfruitStarfruit WineStrawberry WineSturgeonSuper CucumberTruffleWild Plum WineWine (from Traveling Cart)Yam

*For items that are available in gold and iridium qualities, either may be used.

Good Response

“Ah... that's a very pleasant soup. The produce from this valley never disappoints!”
— Governor

The player earns 60 friendship points with the villagers if any of these items are used.

Quality Eligible Items
Normal AmaranthAncient Fruit WineAged Roe (all kinds)AnglerAppleApple WineApricot WineArtichokeBeerBeetBlackberry WineBlobfishBlueberry WineCactus FruitCactus Fruit WineCatfishCauliflowerCaviarChanterelleCheeseCherry WineCoconut WineCoffeeCranberries WineCrimsonfishCrystal FruitCrystal Fruit WineDoradoEnergy TonicFairy RoseFlounderGlacierfishGoat CheeseGoat MilkGrape WineGreen TeaHot Pepper WineIce PipJuice (any, including from the Traveling Cart)KaleLarge Goat MilkLarge MilkLargemouth BassLava EelLegendLingcodMaple SyrupMeadMelonMelon WineMidnight CarpMidnight SquidMilkMorelMuscle RemedyMutant CarpOilOrangeOrange WinePale AlePeachPeach WinePikePomegranatePomegranate WinePoppyPurple MushroomRed CabbageRhubarb WineRiceRoe (all kinds)Salmonberry WineSlimejackSnow YamSpice Berry WineSpook FishStardropStarfruitStarfruit WineStrawberryStrawberry WineSturgeonSuper CucumberTiger TroutTruffleTruffle OilTunaVinegarVoid SalmonWalleyeWild Plum WineWine (from Traveling Cart)Yam
Silver AlbacoreAmaranthAnglerAppleApricot WineArtichokeBeerBeetBlackberry WineBlueberry WineBok ChoyBullheadCactus FruitCactus Fruit WineCatfishCauliflowerChanterelleCheeseCherryCherry WineCranberriesCranberries WineCrystal FruitDoradoDuck EggEelFairy RoseFiddlehead FernFlounderGlacierfishGoat MilkGrapeGrape WineHalibutHazelnutHot Pepper WineKaleLarge Egg (white/brown)Large MilkLargemouth BassLingcodMeadMelonMidnight CarpMidnight SquidMilkMorelMutant CarpOrangePeachPikePomegranatePoppyPotatoPurple MushroomRadishRed CabbageRed MulletSalmonSalmonberry WineSandfishSlimejackSnow YamSpice BerrySpice Berry WineSpook FishSquidStrawberrySturgeonSummer SpangleSunflowerSuper CucumberTiger TroutTilapiaTruffleTunaVoid SalmonWalleyeWild PlumWild Plum WineWinter RootWoodskipYam
Gold / Iridium* AlbacoreAmaranthAppleApricot WineBeetBlackberry WineBlueberry WineBok ChoyBullheadCactus FruitCherryCranberriesCrystal FruitDoradoDuck EggEelFiddlehead FernFlounderGrapeHalibutHazelnutHot Pepper WineKaleLarge Egg (white/brown)Largemouth BassLingcodMidnight CarpMidnight SquidMilkMorelOrangePeachPikePomegranatePoppyPotatoRadishRed MulletSalmonSalmonberry WineSandfishSlimejackSnow YamSpice BerrySquidStrawberrySummer SpangleSunflowerTiger TroutTilapiaTunaVoid SalmonWalleyeWild PlumWinter RootWoodskip

*For items that are available in gold and iridium qualities, either may be used.

Neutral Response

“Hmm... I don't have much to say about this. It's an average soup.”
— Governor

The player neither earns nor loses friendship with the villagers if any of these items are used.

Quality Eligible Items
Normal AlbacoreApricotBlue JazzBlueberryBok ChoyBreamBullheadCave CarrotCherryChubCommon MushroomCornCranberriesDandelionDuck EggEelEgg (white/brown)EggplantFiddlehead FernGarlicGhostfishGrapeGreen BeanHalibutHazelnutHopsHot PepperLarge Egg (white/brown)LeekParsnipPerchPotatoRadishRainbow TroutRed MulletRed SnapperSalmonSandfishSardineShadSmallmouth BassSpice BerrySquidSugarSummer SpangleSunflowerTilapiaTomatoTulipVoid EggWheat FlourWild HorseradishWild PlumWinter RootWoodskip
Silver / Gold / Iridium* ApricotBlue JazzBlueberryBreamChubCommon MushroomCornDandelionEgg (white/brown)EggplantGarlicGhostfishGreen BeanHopsHot PepperLeekParsnipPerchRainbow TroutRed SnapperSardineShadSmallmouth BassTomatoTulipVoid EggWild Horseradish

*Any available quality (silver, gold, or iridium) of these items will produce the Neutral Response.

Bad Response

“Um... It's actually kind of disgusting. I think I'll pass on the soup this year.”
— Governor

The player loses 50 friendship points with the villagers if any of these items are used.

Quality Eligible Items
Any AnchovyBlackberryCarpCrocusDaffodilField SnackGreen AlgaeHerringJoja ColaSalmonberrySeaweedSpring OnionSunfishSweet PeaUnmilled RiceWhite Algae

Worst Response

“Blech! This is vile! I think I'm going to be sick...”
— Governor

The Governor passes out and the player loses 100 friendship points with the villagers if any of these items are used.

Quality Eligible Items
Any HollyPufferfishRed MushroomSapScorpion CarpSea CucumberVoid Mayonnaise

Secret Response

Adding Mayor Lewis' purple shorts to the soup will result in a unique response from the Governor and Lewis. Friendship with villagers is unaffected in this scenario. If any player in a multiplayer game adds the shorts to the soup, the result will be the secret response, no matter what else is added.


Luau Mail.png



A staircase can be added to the soup, and will generate the "Missing Something" response.


  • 1.3: All players in a multiplayer game can contribute to the soup. Mayor Lewis' shorts can be added to the soup.
  • 1.4: Fixed bug where NPCs would follow non-festival schedules after the festival.