Supply Crate

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Supply Crate
Supply Crate 1.png Supply Crate 2.png Supply Crate 3.png
Source Beach Farm
Sell Price Cannot be sold
This article is about the Beach farm object. For the object in the mines, see The Mines#Crates and Barrels.

Supply Crates sometimes wash up on the shore of the Beach Farm. The contents of the crate are random and mainly depend on how many times the Farmhouse has been upgraded.

There are three types of crates that can appear on shore. Each type of crate is equally likely to appear. The chances of receiving certain items are not affected by what type of crate spawns.


The following contents can appear depending on how many times the Farmhouse has been upgraded.[1] Each item in each list is equally likely to appear. The only exception is when the farmhouse is upgraded at least two times, where Banana Pudding and Mango Sticky Rice have a 6.25% chance of appearing while everything else has a 12.5% chance of appearing.

Also, after the item is picked, all possible quantities of the item are equally likely. For instance, the chance of getting 3 Mixed Seeds is the same as the chance of getting 4 Mixed Seeds.

No Upgrades

  • 3-5 Mixed Seeds.png Mixed Seeds
  • 5-7 Quality Retaining Soil.png Quality Retaining Soil
  • 2-4 Geode.png Geode
  • 1-2 Survival Burger.png Survival Burger
  • 1-2 Coffee.png Coffee
  • 3-5 Cherry Bomb.png Cherry Bomb

One Upgrade

Two Or Three Upgrades


  1. Drops are determined by Object::performToolAction in the game code.


  • 1.5: Introduced.