Mega Bomb

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Mega Bomb
Mega Bomb.png
Generates a powerful explosion. Use with extreme caution.
Source: Crafting
Squid Kid drop (5%)
Sell Price: 50g

Recipe Source: Mining Skill Icon.png Mining Level 8
Ingredients: Gold Ore (4) Solar Essence (1) Void Essence (1)

The Mega Bomb is an explosive one-time use item. It damages certain items within its explosion radius (including the player). Other items are impervious to its effects. The Bouncer guarding the Casino drops a Mega Bomb to ward off the player if they try to enter the Casino without permission.

Mega Bombs can be crafted or purchased from the Dwarf for 1,000g. Kent may randomly send you a Mega Bomb in the mail.

Tip: Due to the wide blast area it is often a challenge to use the Mega Bomb without taking damage. Ensure you have ample healing supplies.


The Mega Bomb has a radius of 6-8 tiles.

Mega Bomb range.png


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