Large Stump

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Large Stump
Large Stump.png
Source The FarmSecret WoodsThe Mines (Shrine ON)
Season All Seasons Icon.png All

Large Stumps are the remains of long-dead trees that are found on the Farm, the Secret Woods and the Mines. A Copper Axe (or better quality) is required to remove a large stump, yielding 2 Hardwood and 25 Foraging Experience points. Players with the Forester profession have a 50% chance of receiving one extra piece of hardwood. Stumps also have a 10% chance of dropping Mahogany Seeds.

Certain large stumps will respawn daily, providing a renewable source for hardwood:

  • All six large stumps in the Secret Woods respawn.
  • On the Forest Farm, there are eight large stumps at the west side that respawn. On the Four Corners Farm, there is one large stump in the top left quadrant of the map that respawns.
  • Large stumps in the Mines (floors 41-69 with the Shrine of Challenge activated) can be found.

All other large stumps on the Farm disappear permanently after being removed.