Hay Hopper

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Hay Hopper
Hay Hopper.png  Hay Hopper Full.png
Previous Tier: N/A
Next Tier: N/A
Cost: N/A

The Hay Hopper is a tool that moves hay between a silo and the player's inventory. It comes with all Barns and Coops, and cannot be picked up or moved.

Once hay is dispensed by right-clicking on the Hay Hopper, it can be placed on the feeding bench where animals can eat it. Hay can be placed into a silo by holding the hay in inventory and right-clicking on the Hay Hopper.

The Hay Hopper in a Deluxe Barn or Deluxe Coop has an autofeed system, so hay is moved to the Feeding Bench automatically. This prevents the player from manually withdrawing hay from the hopper. Hay can still be deposited into a Hay Hopper with an autofeed system.

Tip: Hay can be stored in a chest instead of a silo. In order to store hay that is cut from grass on the farm in a chest, simply withdraw hay from the Hay Hopper and place it in a chest. This requires at least one barn or coop that is not fully upgraded with an autofeed system.