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Items placed inside will automatically be loaded into the machine in front of it.
Sell Price Cannot be sold
Recipe Source Qi's Walnut Room for data-sort-value="50">Qi Gem.png 50
Ingredients Hardwood.png Hardwood (10)Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (1)Radioactive Bar.png Radioactive Bar (1)
See also: Hay Hopper

The Hopper is a craftable item that can be purchased from Qi's Walnut Room for data-sort-value="10">Qi Gem.png 10 Qi Gems. The recipe can also be purchased from Qi's Walnut Room for data-sort-value="50">Qi Gem.png 50 Qi Gems.

The Hopper loads items that are placed in it into any machine in front of it, provided that the item can be placed into the machine and that the machine is not already processing something.

Items produced this way will still have to be manually removed from the machine. A Hopper will not start processing again until the finished item is removed. On the other hand, multiple possible input items can be loaded at the same time, and it also works with two different input items at the same time. For instance, one could load Coal and an array of different ores into a Hopper connected to a Furnace, which will have the Furnace auto-smelt the ores from left to right.


  • 1.5: Introduced.