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Crit. Power (short for Critical Power) is a Combat statistic. When you hit a critical strike, this stat will deal additional damage to your enemy.

A critical strike in itself does additional damage to an enemy. A special sound plays when hitting a critical strike, and the damage numbers that pop up show the greater damage amount. Bonus damage done by critical strikes is equal to base damage × (3 + Crit. Power / 50).

For example, a normal attack using the Dark Sword can do 10-30 damage. Assuming a normal attack on a bat with a defense value of 1 would do 17 damage the base damage would be equal to 18.
As the dark sword has 25 crit power this would result in 18×(3+25/50) bonus damage which would make the final damage 17+18×(3+25/50)=80 damage.
The Desperado Profession would further increase this damage by 18×(900/50)=324 damage for a total of 404 damage.

Increasing Crit. Power

The following items increase Crit. Power.

Image Name Effect Duration
Obsidian Edge.png
Obsidian Edge Speed w.png Speed (−1)Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+10) Permanent when equipped
Yeti Tooth.png
Yeti Tooth Defense.png Defense (+4)Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+10) Permanent when equipped
Steel Falchion.png
Steel Falchion Speed w.png Speed (+4)Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+20) Permanent when equipped
Lava Katana.png
Lava Katana Defense.png Defense (+3)Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+25) Permanent when equipped
Wind Spire.png
Wind Spire Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+10)Weight.png Weight (+5) Permanent when equipped
Crystal Dagger.png
Crystal Dagger Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+50)Weight.png Weight (+5) Permanent when equipped
Burglar's Shank.png
Burglar's Shank Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+25) Permanent when equipped
Kudgel Speed w.png Speed (−1)Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+4)Weight.png Weight (+2) Permanent when equipped
Jade Ring.png
Jade Ring Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+10%) Permanent when equipped
Desperado Profession Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+900) Permanent when chosen