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Weeds Composite.png
Location The FarmPelican TownCindersap ForestThe MinesRailroadMutant Bug LairGinger Island
Season Spring.png SpringSummer.png SummerFall.png Fall
Energy Inedible
Sell Price Cannot be sold

Weeds are wild plants which are spawned randomly and may spread if not cleared. Weeds have a 50% chance to drop 1 Fiber when cut with a Scythe, Axe, Pickaxe, Hoe, Dagger or Sword, or blown up by a bomb. If a weed does not drop fiber, there is a 5% chance it will drop Mixed Seeds[1].

Cutting weeds with weapons enchanted with "Haymaker" has an extra 50% chance of dropping a fiber, and 33% chance of hay.

There's also a 0.001% chance to find a Living Hat when cutting weeds.

Any weeds above ground disappear in Winter.

Spawning and spread

Lone weeds will spawn randomly on The Farm and on Ginger Island West. They can appear on any tillable tile. On The Farm, this only occurs on day 1 of each season (except Winter)[2]. On Ginger Island, this only occurs on Mondays[3]. When the Gold Clock is placed, it prevents weeds from appearing on the farm and the Ginger Island farm.

Besides the farms, other areas in the game will also spawn weeds without being restricted by the Gold Clock. Weeds will spawn in specific areas of Pelican Town, Cindersap Forest and the Railroad at the start of the game, and each Spring 1. Weeds may spawn everyday in the Mutant Bug Lair and Ginger Island jungle, but in very limited quantities. Weeds in The Mines respawn when the player returns to the top of the mines (i.e., floor 0, where the Dwarf is).

If weeds aren't cleared, they may multiply and spread to an adjacent tillable tile[4]. This can happen on any day, but especially on day 1 of each season, when it is raining, and during the Summer. Spreading weeds can destroy items placed by the player, including crafted items and furnitureFences and Chests are the only items placed by the player that cannot be destroyed. If an item was destroyed, a pop-up message will be displayed at the lower left of the screen when the player wakes up the next morning; the message will not say exactly which item was destroyed.

Weeds prevent the growth of Fruit Trees if they spawn or spread to the 3x3 grid around the tree. If this occurs, a pop-up message will be displayed at the lower left of the screen when the player wakes up the next morning indicating which type of fruit tree couldn't grow.

Only fences, chests, grass, and fixed objects such as buildings and trees stop the natural spread of weeds. Flooring/paths and tilled soil do not stop the spread.

Special Weed

The weed shown below, which can be found only on the Forest and Four Corners maps, will always drop 1 Mixed Seeds when cut.

Special Weed
(Spring, Summer, Fall)


There's an unimplemented quest in the game code to destroy all weeds in Pelican Town.


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