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Weeds Composite.png
Found in: The FarmPelican TownCindersap ForestThe MinesRailroad
Season: Summer, Spring, Fall
Healing Effect: Inedible
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

Weeds spawn on the ground at random during Spring, Summer, or Fall on The Farm and in The Mines, especially but not exclusively at a change of season. Weeds spawn in and around specific areas of Stardew Valley for the first several days of the game, but not thereafter.

Weeds have a 50% chance to drop 1 Fiber when cut with a Scythe, Axe, Pickaxe, or Sword.

Weeds do not spawn on tiles that buildings, equipment, fences, or closed gates already occupy. However, unlike grass, they may spread to a tile that has been paved with pathing. When they do, they destroy the pathing, which must be replaced after the weed is removed (if you want to keep the path).


A Weeds item can be obtained by breaking a seed dropped by a Mushroom Tree with a tool. The weed item can then be placed on the ground and harvested to obtain fiber, or sold through the Shipping Box for 50g. This weed item is a bug, which the player should not be able to obtain, like an Artifact Spot. Gifting this item is possible, but that is not recommended, since all villagers hate it.

  • The tree seed that, when broken by a tool, drops 1 Weeds
  • Mushroom Tree Weed


There is an unimplemented quest in the game code to destroy all weeds in Pelican Town.