Dried Mushrooms

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Dried Mushrooms
Dried Mushrooms.png
A package of gourmet mushrooms.
Source Artisan Goods
Sell Price (7.5 × mushroom Base Price) + 25
Artisan Goods
Equipment Dehydrator.png Dehydrator
Processing Time Time Icon.png 1750m (≈1d)
Ingredients Any positive energy mushrooms (5)

Dried Mushrooms are an Artisan Good made from the Dehydrator, taking one in-game day.

5 mushrooms of the same quality are required to produce 1 bag of Dried Mushrooms. The amount of energy and health restored from Dried Mushrooms is 3 times the base mushroom Energy/Health restoration. The sell price of Dried Mushrooms depends on the mushrooms used ((7.5 x mushroom Base Price) + 25) total, or ((1.5x mushroom Base Price) + 5) per mushroom used. When the player has the Artisan profession, the sell price changes to ((10.5 x mushroom Base Price) + 35) total, or ((2.1x mushroom Base Price) + 7) per mushroom used.

Since value is based on mushroom Base Price alone, the actual benefit compared to selling the raw mushrooms will decrease for mushrooms of higher quality. For example, if the Artisan profession is not chosen, iridium quality mushrooms will generally make a loss if dehydrated and gold quality only make a 5g profit per mushroom.


  • Dried Mushrooms are not used in any recipes.


  • Dried Mushrooms are not used in any bundles.


Villager Reactions

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  • One Dried Mushrooms is requested by the Raccoon at the Giant Stump as part of his third request. It may also be requested as part of any request starting with the sixth.


  • 1.6: Introduced.