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For a detailed analysis of profit using the Preserves Jar, see Preserves Jar Productivity.

Jellies and pickles can be produced by inserting either a fruit or a vegetable in a preserves jar, respectively. The value of a single jar of jelly or pickles is equal to (2 * Base Crop Value + 50). Jelly and pickles are unaffected by the quality of the fruit or vegetable used.

A preserves jar requires 4000 minutes to produce pickles or jelly. This will take 2-3 days, depending on sleep habits. [1]

Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source
Preserves Jar.png Preserves Jar Turns vegetables into pickles and fruit into jam. Wood.png Wood (50)Stone.png Stone (40)Coal.png Coal (8) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 4


Quality of ingredients makes no difference to the finished product. The value of the finished product is determined using the base value (i.e., with no silver or gold star) of the fruit/vegetable. However, the preserved version is always more profitable than even gold star produce, although the profit margin is lower compared to normal produce.

Image Name Description Ingredients Processing Time Sell Price Restores
Pickles.png Pickles A jar of your home-made pickles. Any vegetable (1) Time Icon.png 4000m (2-3 days) Pickles.png2 × Base Vegetable Price + 50 Inedible
Jelly.png Jelly Gooey. Any fruit (1) Time Icon.png 4000m (2-3 days) Jelly.png2 × Base Fruit Price + 50 Inedible

Gifting Jelly

Villager Reactions

Gifting Pickles

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Jelly is one of the options for the Bundle Purple.png Artisan Bundle in the Pantry.


  • Jelly sold by the Traveling Cart will not be of any fruit type and will sell for Gold.png160g.
  • Pickles sold by the Traveling Cart will not be of any vegetable type and will sell for Gold.png100g.
  • The description of the Preserves Jar states that it makes Jam, but it actually produces Jelly.


  1. For whatever reason, processing time calculates differently while sleeping versus being awake. 1 hour equals 60 minutes when awake but, equals 100 minutes when sleeping. So if you sleep a whole day, the machine would process 2400 minutes. (100 * 24) If you work from 6:00AM till 12:00AM., and sleep 6 hours, the machine will process 1680 mins a day. (60 * 18 + 100 * 6) If you work from 6:00AM. till 2:00AM, and faint 4 hours, the machine will process 1600 mins a day. (60 * 20 + 100 * 4) For example, Preserves Jars need 4000 minutes to work. If you sleep the whole process, you need to sleep 40 hours, less than 2 days. If you work 18 hours a day, it takes 2 days, 10 hours and 40 minutes.