Oil Maker

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Oil Maker
Oil Maker.png
Makes gourmet truffle oil.
Source: Crafting
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

Recipe Source: Farming (Level 8)
Ingredients: Slime (50) Hardwood (20) Gold Bar (1)

The Oil Maker is equipment used to make Artisan Goods. It takes items and turns them into oil.


Image Name Description Ingredient Time Restores Sell Price
Truffle Oil.png Truffle Oil A gourmet cooking ingredient. Truffle (1) 360m (6 hours) Energy38Health17 1,065g
Oil.png Oil All purpose cooking oil. Corn (1) 1000m (≈16.66h) Energy13Health5 100g
Sunflower Seeds (1) 3200m (≈53.33h)
Sunflower (1) 60m (1 hour)

Note: Processing time calculates differently while sleeping than while awake. 1 hour = 60 minutes when awake but = 100 minutes when sleeping.