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This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.6 of Stardew Valley. Players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article/section.

Fizz 00.png

Birthday Unknown
Lives In Ginger Island
Address Mushroom Cave on Island North
Marriage No
Loved Gifts N/A
“What do we do? Heh... well, let's just say... we specialize in 'legally complex' matters... catch my drift?”
— Fizz

Fizz is an employee of the Joja Corporation working in the "Joja Special Services Division". He sends a letter inviting the player to meet him in the "watery cave" on Ginger Island the day after they have interacted with the Perfection Tracker in Qi's Walnut Room for the first time. The "watery cave" is the Mushroom Cave on Ginger Island, where Professor Snail is first found. There he sells Perfection Waivers for data-sort-value="500000">Gold.png500,000g each that grants 1% progress towards Perfection.

The waiver is not an actual in-game item.


Players cannot give gifts to raise friendship points with Fizz.


Fizz can always be found at the Mushroom Cave on Ginger Island.


Initial Mail 
I have the 'perfect' solution to help you out.
Meet me in the watery cave on Ginger Island.
Joja Special Services Division”
First Meeting 
“So... you got my letter, huh? Nice to meet ya.

I'm Fizz. Joja Special Services Division.

You haven't heard of us? That's okay, most people haven't...

We're not really advertised like other Joja products. We're more of a 'specialty service' for elite clients.

What do we do? Heh... well, let's just say... we specialize in 'legally complex' matters... catch my drift?

But enough chit chat. Let's get to business.

I've heard you're trying to achieve 'perfection'. A noble goal! ... but difficult. Very difficult.

All that cooking, crafting, monster slaying, all those complicated friendships... *groan*. I can see how stressed you are.

But here's the thing... you don't need to stress another minute! We've got you covered.

See these papers here? They're called 'perfection waivers'.

Each one of these beautiful pages are worth 1% toward perfection. They've even got Mr. Qi's signature on it... completely legit!

Do I look like someone who would lie to you??


Don't answer that.


Anyway, I'm selling these for a sweet, sweet price... just 500,000g a pop. A steal!

Well, no pressure. Just think about it! I'll be waiting..."”

Sequential Meetings 
“So... what do you say? 500,000g for a bonafide 'Perfection Waiver'?”



Fizz appears to be an easter egg reference to a character called Hamish McTackleberry, a maniacal Joja loving farmer created by a YouTuber known as Turin.


  • 1.6: Introduced.