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Birthday: N/A
Lives In: The Mountain
Address: Adventurer's Guild
Marriage: No
Best Gifts: N/A
“I'd like to talk about the famous Adventurer's Guild near Pelican Town. The guild leader, Marlon, has a nice rewards program for anyone brave enough to slay monsters in the local caves. Adventurers will receive powerful items in exchange for slaying large quantities of monsters. There's a poster on the wall with more details. Very cool!”
Livin' Off The Land

Gil is a villager who lives in the Adventurer's Guild in the Mountain, north of Pelican Town. He rewards players with special rings and hats when they complete Monster Eradication Goals.


The Adventurer's Guild is open from 2pm to 10pm. While it's open, Gil can be found sitting in his rocking chair near the front desk.

Unlike Marlon, Gil does not attend any festivals.


Gil lives in the Adventurer's Guild with Marlon.

Players cannot give gifts to raise friendship points with Gil.


“...Come back when you've got something to show me, kid”