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Lives In The Mountain
Address Adventurer's Guild
Marriage No
Loved Gifts N/A
“I'd like to talk about the famous Adventurer's Guild near Pelican Town. The guild leader, Marlon, has a nice rewards program for anyone brave enough to slay monsters in the local caves. Adventurers will receive powerful items in exchange for slaying large quantities of monsters. There's a poster on the wall with more details. Very cool!”
Livin' Off The Land

Marlon is a villager who lives in the Adventurer's Guild north of Pelican Town. He will buy any monster drops you get in the Mines at the counter inside the guild.

Players meet him the first time they enter the mines. He gifts them a Rusty Sword, and instructs them to descend into the mines exploring. Players must first complete the quest Initiation before being allowed admittance to the Adventurer's Guild.

After purchasing the Slime Hutch, Marlon will visit the player, providing them with a Slime Egg to start breeding slimes.


The Adventurer's Guild is open from 2pm-2am. While it's open, Marlon can be found inside at the counter. He never leaves his spot behind the counter except to go to town Festivals, when the Guild closes entirely.


Marlon lives in the Adventurer's Guild with Gil, who can usually be found rocking in his chair next to the counter Marlon works at.

Players cannot give gifts to raise friendship points with Marlon.

Item Recovery Service

If the player passes out from low health in the Mines, Quarry Mine, Skull Cavern or Volcano Dungeon, Marlon will hold lost items in an "Item Recovery Service" option in the Adventurer's Guild Menu. Players may choose to purchase one lost item, for the same price as it would be sold through the Shipping Box. Items will stay in Marlon's menu until the next time the player passes out from low health, when they will be replaced by any new items lost. Items are not lost if the day ends at 2am; only the gold fee is deducted.


Egg Festival

Odd-numbered year

“Even with my bad leg, I never miss a town festival.”

Even-numbered year

“Have you ever hunted for slime eggs? Now there's a true challenge...”

Flower Dance

“Marnie looks lovely today...”

The Luau

“I'll be back here by the trees... the air is a lot cooler.”

Stardew Valley Fair

“Clint's blades get sharper every year. So do his prices...”

Spirit's Eve

“Don't get too close to the cage.”

Festival of Ice

“Hey, good afternoon.”

Feast of the Winter Star

“Hey, good afternoon.”


Rotten Plant.png  Warning: Spoilers  Rotten Plant 2.png

This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.6 of Stardew Valley. Players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article/section.

  • Marlon randomly offers two of the following Skull Cavern quests during each day of the Desert Festival:
    • "Monster Hunt": He challenges the player to slay 10 Serpents, Purple Slimes, or Mummies. The reward is data-sort-value="35">Calico Egg.png 35.
    • "Deep Dive": He challenges the player to reach level 30 of the Skull Cavern. The reward is data-sort-value="50">Calico Egg.png 50.
    • "Treasure Hunt": He challenges the player to collect either 12 Omni Geodes or 15 Iridium Ore. The reward is data-sort-value="40">Calico Egg.png 40.


  • Marlon lost his eye in the mines.
  • During the Egg Festival, Marlon says that despite having a bad leg he never misses a town festival. However, he is not present at the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies, nor does he have any associated dialogue.
  • From his dialogue at the Flower Dance, Marlon seems to have a romantic interest in Marnie. Outside of this and his dialogue at the Stardew Valley Fair referencing Clint, there are no other references to his relationships with the villagers.
  • At the back of the Adventurer's Guild is a bedroom containing a bunk-bed. As they are only two people who are ever seen in the Guild, we can perhaps assume that Marlon and Gil share the bunk-bed.