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Lives In: Pelican Town
Address: Museum
Marriage: No
Best Gifts: N/A
“You found an ancient-looking object. Could it be some kind of artifact from long ago? Perhaps Gunther, curator of the local museum, has the answer.”

Gunther is a villager who operates the Archaeology Center in Pelican Town.

He doesn't accept friendship gifts, and instead accepts donations to the Museum. He'll reward players as they reach milestones in number of donations.


Gunther doesn't leave the museum while it's open, 8am to 6pm. He's inside during opening hours at the counter.


  • The first time entering the Museum with an artifact or mineral in inventory will trigger a cutscene where Gunther explains that the previous curator made off with the Museum's entire collection. He asks the player to consider donating any artifacts or minerals they find to the Museum. This triggers the "Archaeology" Quest, to donate an item to the museum.
The morning after donating 60 items to the Museum, Gunther will visit the player to thank them and give them the Rusty Key. (If it's the player's wedding day, he will visit the day after.)


The morning after donating 60 items to the Museum

“Oh, good morning (Mr/Mrs.) (Name)!

I hope it's not too early...

Well, I just wanted to stop by and thank you in person for all the wonderful artifacts and minerals you've discovered... you've done so much for one person!

In fact, I've just received a letter from the office of the regional secretary of artifacts... We're being honored with the coveted 'golden shovel' award for our significant contributions to the field!

And it's all thanks to you!

Well, I should let you get back to your work...

Oh! I almost forgot!

I have a gift for you... It's an old key that's been sealed in the museum vault for at least 100 years. It's a little rusty, but still beautiful.”

If no items able to donate in inventory

“It doesn't seem like you have anything to donate to the museum. Better get out there and do some treasure hunting, huh?”

After completing the museum collection and collecting all rewards

“The museum looks amazing! Thanks again for all your help.”