Rainbow Shell

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Rainbow Shell
Rainbow Shell.png
It's a very beautiful shell.

Source Foraging
Location The Beach
Season Summer.png Summer

Energy Inedible
Sell Price
Rainbow Shell.png 300g
Rainbow Shell.png
Silver Quality Icon.png
Rainbow Shell.png
Gold Quality Icon.png
Rainbow Shell.png
Iridium Quality Icon.png

The Rainbow Shell is found via foraging at The Beach in the Summer. It may also spawn on the Beach Farm during any season. It can also be obtained through the Traveling Cart or in The Mines after activating the Shrine of Challenge or during the Danger In The Deep quest. It may also be sent in the mail as a gift from Demetrius or received as a gift from Jas or Vincent at the Feast of the Winter Star. A Rainbow Trout Fish Pond has a 2% chance to produce 1 Rainbow Shell daily when the population of the pond reaches 9.


Villager Reactions


Rainbow Shell is not used in any Bundles.


Rainbow Shell is not used in any recipes.


Rainbow Shell is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the dyeable Bikini Top. Shirt134.png

Using a Rainbow Shell with the Sewing Machine to dye clothing will open a menu where any color can be chosen using slider buttons.



  • An exploit to get the Rainbow Shell is to wait until Demetrius sends a gift in the mail, then reload the game until the shell is received.
  • The Rainbow Shell has a sprite that is completely blue, unlike the Prismatic Shard, which is rainbow-colored.


  • 1.4: Can now be used in Tailoring. Can be requested in a Fish Pond quest. Can be produced by Fish Ponds.
  • 1.5: Can now spawn on the Beach Farm during any season.