The Desert

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The Calico Desert is located far to the northwest of Pelican Town. It is not accessible until the Bus at the Bus Stop has been repaired by completing the Vault bundles at the Community Center or by purchasing the Bus Repair for Gold.png40,000g from the Joja Community Development Form.

Once repaired, Pam will return to work as the Bus driver. A ticket to ride the bus to the desert costs 500g each time, although the return trip is free. Tickets can only be purchased when Pam is present at the Bus (10:10 am - 5:00 pm each day except for the 25th of Spring).

Coconuts and Cactus Fruits can be found throughout the area, along with a number of fellable trees. Interacting with them will sometimes drop a coconut, but tappers bear no items.


Desert Pool.png

Sandfish and Scorpion Carp are present here, which the player is able to catch. The Sandfish is needed for the Bundle Red.png Specialty Fish Bundle in the Fish Tank. The pool is in the northwest area of the desert in front of the Skull Cavern.

Skull Cavern

The Skull Key can be used to enter Skull Cavern, also located in the northwest.

Skull Cavern 1.png Skull Cavern 2.png Skull Cavern 3.png



The store Oasis can be located in the southwest section of the area. It is run by Sandy and sells a number of seeds not available in Pelican Town, along with an additional item that depends on the day of the week.


The Casino is accessible through Oasis once "The Mysterious Qi" quest is completed.

Three Pillars


In the North-East part of the desert lie three pillars, at the location of one of the game's Secrets. This is the place where you can obtain the Galaxy Sword, by holding a Prismatic Shard and entering the tile at the center of the pillars.

Be careful not to hold a stack with more than one Prismatic Shard as all of them will be replaced by the Galaxy Sword upon entering the center tile.

Sand Dragon


Located directly to the north of the store in the Oasis is a hill in which lies the large bones of a sand dragon. While standing near the skull of the creature, you may interact with it and a text-screen then reads "Its maw gapes at the desert sun. Even in death, it yearns for a taste."

It is related to the Mr. Qi questline.