Cactus Seeds

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Cactus Seeds
Cactus Seeds.png
Can only be grown indoors. Takes 12 days to mature, and then produces fruit every 3 days.
Crop: Cactus Fruit.png Cactus Fruit
Growth Time: 12 days


Sell Price: Gold.png0g
Purchase Prices
Pierre Icon.png General Store: Not sold
Morris Icon.png JojaMart: Not sold
Sandy Icon.png Oasis: Gold.png150g
Traveling Cart Icon.png Traveling Cart: Not sold

Cactus Seeds are a type of seed. Mature plants yield Cactus Fruit.

They can be purchased only from Sandy at the Oasis for Gold.png150g. Two to five Cactus Seeds can also be obtained from a Sandfish or Scorpion Carp Fish Pond when the population of the pond reaches 10. Fifteen Cactus Seeds may occasionally be found in treasure rooms in the Skull Cavern.

Cactus Seeds can be planted outdoors, but will be either missing or dead the next day. Cactus plants may only be grown in the Greenhouse or inside another building using a Garden Pot.

Cactus Fruit harvested from Cactus Seeds will never be iridium quality. Iridium quality Cactus Fruit is obtainable only by Foraging in The Desert after choosing the Botanist Profession.

Harvesting Cactus plants gives Farming experience points.


Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Harvest After-Harvest
Cactus Stage 1.png
Cactus Stage 2.png
Cactus Stage 3.png
Cactus Stage 4.png
Cactus Stage 5.png
Cactus Stage 6.png
Cactus Stage 7.png
2 Days 2 Days 2 Days 3 Days 3 Days Total: 12 Days Regrowth: 3 Days


Villager Reactions


  • 1.3: Introduced.
  • 1.4: Can be produced by Fish Ponds.