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Mining is the skill associated with breaking rocks, mainly in The Mines. Larger or more valuable rocks and nodes take more hits or a stronger Pickaxe to break.

Mines Access

During the first four days of the game, The Mines are closed due to a landslide caused by the Joja Corporation. After 4 days, you will receive a letter in the mail saying that Joja Corp. has cleared the landslide, and you will have access to The Mines.

Mining Skill Icon.png Mining Skill

Mining Skill is increased by breaking rocks. Each level adds +1 to Pickaxe proficiency.

You are awarded mining skill points when rocks are destroyed -- it doesn't matter if this is done by Pickaxe, Bombs, or by the action of Monsters.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Crafting Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Cooking Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Choose a Profession:
Cherry Bomb.png Cherry Bomb Staircase.png Staircase Miner's Treat.png Miner's Treat Iron Bar.png Transmute (Fe) Miner.png Miner
+1 ore per vein.
Geologist.png Geologist
Chance for gems to appear in pairs.
(50% chance per Node. Also applies to geodes spawned from breaking rocks.)
Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
Crafting Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Miner: Geologist:
Bomb.png Bomb Gold Bar.png Transmute (Au) Mega Bomb.png Mega Bomb Crystalarium.png Crystalarium Blacksmith Icon.png Blacksmith
Metal bars worth 50% more.
(Applies to Copper, Iron, Gold, & Iridium Bars)
Excavator.png Excavator
Chance to find geodes doubled.
(Applies to all 4 types of geodes)
Prospector.png Prospector
Chance to find coal doubled.*
Gemologist.png Gemologist
Gems worth 30% more.
(applies to Minerals and Gems)
*Prospector has no effect in the Mines. Otherwise, it adds a chance to find 1 extra piece of coal before the non-Prospector code for finding coal executes. (See GameLocation::breakStone in the game code.)

Experience Points

Different rock types give different numbers of experience points. While generic rocks inside The Mines provide no experience bonus on their own, if coal is dropped, you are awarded 5 experience points (except in the case of the two gray rocks pictured below). No other "extra" drops from breaking rocks inside the Mines award experience points.

Breaking open a meteor dropped on The Farm during a Meteorite event awards no experience.

Experience level is increased immediately upon breaking a rock/boulder/node, but the "level up" window doesn't appear until after going to sleep.

The Geologist profession gives the specific gem nodes a 50% chance of spawning an additional gem. If this happens, then the amount of experience gained for each node is reduced[1].

Rock Type Experience
Any Rock (outside The Mines) 1
If coal is dropped: 6
Gray Boulder (outside The Mines) 0
Rock, except for dark gray rocks (inside The Mines) 0
If coal/ore dropped: 5
Stone Index668.png Stone Index670.png Either of these dark gray rocks (inside The Mines) 3
If coal is dropped: 4
Amethyst Node 16
Multiple spawns: 8
Aquamarine Node 40
Multiple spawns: 20
Diamond Node 150
Multiple spawns: 100
Emerald Node 80
Multiple spawns: 50
Jade Node 40
Multiple spawns: 20
Ruby Node 80
Multiple spawns: 50
Topaz Node 16
Multiple spawns: 8
Gem Node 0
Mystic Stone 50
Copper Node 5
Iron Node 12
Gold Node 18
Iridium Node 50
Geode Node (seen on the Hill-top Farm) 8
Frozen Geode Node (seen on the Hill-top Farm) 16
Magma Geode Node (seen on the Hill-top Farm) 32

Mining Nodes

All nodes (other than the Geode Nodes) may be found in the Skull Cavern or Quarry. The quarry on the Hill-top Farm can spawn geode nodes and the 4 ore nodes (copper, iron, gold, iridium).

Image Name Contains Mine Location
Amethyst Node.png
Amethyst Node Amethyst Any level
Aquamarine Node.png
Aquamarine Node Aquamarine Any level after reaching bottom of mines; Level 40+ otherwise
Copper Node.png
Copper Node Copper Ore Any level
Diamond Node.png
Diamond Node Diamond Level 50+
Emerald Node.png
Emerald Node Emerald Any level after reaching bottom of mines; Level 80+ otherwise
Gem Node.png
Gem Node Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Jade, Prismatic Shard, Ruby, or Topaz Any level
Gold Node.png
Gold Node Gold Ore The Mines: (Level 80+)
Skull Cavern: 10% chance of spawning at levels 60-79, 75% chance of spawning at levels 80+
Iridium Node.png
Iridium Node Iridium Ore, and a 4% chance for 1 Prismatic Shard N/A, Skull Cavern/Quarry only
Iron Node.png
Iron Node Iron Ore Level 40+
Jade Node.png
Jade Node Jade Any level after reaching bottom of mines; Level 40+ otherwise
Mystic Stone.png
Mystic Stone 1-3 Iridium Ore, 1-4 Gold Ore, and a 25% chance of 1 Prismatic Shard Level 100-120
Ruby Node.png
Ruby Node Ruby Any level after reaching bottom of mines; Level 80+ otherwise
Topaz Node.png
Topaz Node Topaz Any level
Geode Node.png
Geode Node Geode N/A, Hill-top Farm Map only
Frozen Geode Node.png
Frozen Geode Node Frozen Geode N/A, Hill-top Farm Map only
Magma Geode Node.png
Magma Geode Node Magma Geode N/A, Hill-top Farm Map only

Diamond Nodes begin appearing at level 50 in the mines, at approximately 1 in 500 chance of appearing in place of a stone. For every level after level 50, frequency increases by .000016 per level. This makes for a .0028 chance for a diamond node to appear in place of a stone at floor 100 (1.2 in 500 or 7 in 2500), and ultimately a .003104 chance for a diamond node to appear in place of a stone at floor 119 (1.552 in 500 or 194 in 62500).

The chance for Gem Nodes to appear is very small, but is slightly increased by Mining Skill level and Daily Luck. The chance for Mystic Stones to appear is also increased by Mining Skill Level and daily Luck.


Certain cooked dishes will temporarily increase mining level.

Image Name Description Ingredients Restores Buff(s) Buff Duration Recipe Source(s) Sell Price
Eggplant Parmesan.png
Eggplant Parmesan Tangy, cheesy, and wonderful. Eggplant.png Eggplant (1)Tomato.png Tomato (1) Energy.png 175
Health.png 78
Mining.png Mining (+1)Defense.png Defense (+3) Time Icon.png 4m 39s

Lewis Icon.png Lewis (Mail - 7+ HeartIconLarge.png)

Cranberry Sauce.png
Cranberry Sauce A festive treat. Cranberries.png Cranberries (1)Sugar.png Sugar (1) Energy.png 125
Health.png 56
Mining.png Mining (+2) Time Icon.png 3m 30s

Gus Icon.png Gus (Mail - 7+ HeartIconLarge.png)

Miner's Treat.png
Miner's Treat This should keep your energy up. Cave Carrot.png Cave Carrot (2)Sugar.png Sugar (1)Milk.png Milk (1) Energy.png 125
Health.png 56
Mining.png Mining (+3)Magnetism.png Magnetism (+32) Time Icon.png 5m 35s
Mining Skill Icon.png Mining Level 3
Maple Bar.png
Maple Bar It's a sweet doughnut topped with a rich maple glaze. Maple Syrup.png Maple Syrup (1)Sugar.png Sugar (1)Wheat Flour.png Wheat Flour (1) Energy.png 225
Health.png 101
Farming.png Farming (+1)Fishing.png Fishing (+1)Mining.png Mining (+1) Time Icon.png 16m 47s

Cooking Channel.png The Queen of Sauce
14 Summer, Year 2


The Mines

See: The Mines

Skull Cavern

See: Skull Cavern

The Quarry

See: Quarry


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.1: The Blacksmith profession now increases the value of metal bars by 50%, up from 25%.


  1. See GameLocation::breakStone in the game code.