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A combustible rock that is useful for crafting and smelting.
Source: Mining
Sell Price: 15g

Coal is a basic resource. It can be obtained in many different ways, primarily from rocks or Dust Sprites in The Mines, purchased from Clint at the Blacksmith shop, or using a Charcoal Kiln. It may also be produced by recycling trash or found in Fishing Treasure Chests.

Coal is used in some crafting recipes and is necessary for smelting ore or Quartz in a furnace.


  • Coal can sometimes be found by mining rocks — both in the mines and anywhere on the map. Luck increases the chances of finding coal.
  • Coal can be found in mine carts in certain levels of the mines - follow the mine railways then simply click on the coal-filled cart (Note: some carts are empty).
  • Coal can be found in brown miner's bags lying in certain levels of the mines. Every bag contains around 8 pieces.
  • A Charcoal Kiln can be used to convert 10 wood into 1 coal
  • You can farm coal by killing Dust Sprites between levels 41-79 (Use the elevator to come and go to do it faster). Doing that is an easy way to farm Iron Ore as well.
    • A much more target-able way to farm both Coal and Iron Ore is to start level 50, where level 51 has a high likelihood of both Dust Sprites and Iron Ore, while 52 is a long narrow path to a guaranteed ladder. 53 on a good day is an infested level normally filled with Dust Sprites and a free ladder to 54 if looking for more Iron Ore; rinse repeat.
    • When farming Dust Sprites for Coal, it is best to wear a Burglar's Ring earned by killing said Dust Sprites.
  • Black/Transparent Slimes drop Coal. They can be raised in Slime Hutches
  • Stone Golems in levels 30-39 and Metal Heads in levels 80-119 of The Mines may drop coal

Coal purchased at the Blacksmith costs 150g, but it is cheaper to buy 10 wood for 100g from Robin at the Carpenter's Shop and convert that wood into coal in the Charcoal Kiln.


Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source
Bee House.png
Bee House Place outside and wait for delicious honey! (Except in Winter). Wood (40) Coal (8) Iron Bar (1) Maple Syrup (1) Farming Level 3
Preserves Jar.png
Preserves Jar Turns vegetables into pickles and fruit into jam. Wood (50) Stone (40) Coal (8) Farming Level 4
Warrior Ring.png
Warrior Ring Occasionally infuses the wearer with "warrior energy" after slaying a monster. Iron Bar (10) Coal (25) Frozen Tear (10) Combat Level 4
Cherry Bomb.png
Cherry Bomb Generates a small explosion. Stand back! Copper Ore (4) Coal (1) Mining Level 1
Bomb Generates an explosion. Watch out! Iron Ore (4) Coal (1) Mining Level 6
Explosive Ammo.png
Explosive Ammo Fire this with the slingshot. Iron Bar (1) Coal (2) Combat Level 8
Wicked Statue.png
Wicked Statue There's something unsettling about the looks of this statue. Stone (25) Coal (5) Krobus
Wooden Brazier.png
Wooden Brazier Provides a moderate amount of light. Wood (10) Coal (1) Fiber (5) Carpenter's Shop
Stone Brazier.png
Stone Brazier Provides a moderate amount of light. Stone (10) Coal (1) Fiber (5) Carpenter's Shop
Gold Brazier.png
Gold Brazier Provides a moderate amount of light. Gold Bar (10) Coal (1) Fiber (5) Carpenter's Shop
Carved Brazier.png
Carved Brazier Provides a moderate amount of light. Hardwood (10) Coal (1) Carpenter's Shop
Stump Brazier.png
Stump Brazier Provides a moderate amount of light. Hardwood (10) Coal (1) Carpenter's Shop
Barrel Brazier.png
Barrel Brazier Provides a moderate amount of light. Wood (50) Solar Essence (1) Coal (1) Carpenter's Shop
Skull Brazier.png
Skull Brazier Provides a moderate amount of light. Hardwood (10) Solar Essence (1) Coal (1) Carpenter's Shop
Scarecrow Prevents crows from eating crops in an area around the scarecrow. Wood (50) Coal (1) Fiber (20) Farming Level 1
Seed Maker.png
Seed Maker Place crops inside to produce a varying amount of seeds. Doesn't work with fruit tree crops. Wood (25) Coal (10) Gold Bar (1) Farming Level 9
Slime Egg-Press.png
Slime Egg-Press Compresses 100 pieces of slime into a slime egg. It's a miracle of science! Coal (25) Fire Quartz (1) Battery Pack (1) Combat Level 6


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