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Not to be confused with Gold Ore or Gold Bars.

Gold (g) is the primary currency of Stardew Valley. The amount of gold a player has is displayed at the top right, directly under the time. All players start with 500g. Via Inventory menu, the player is able to see his total earnings right under another display of his current funds.

All shops other than those that are part of the Stardew Valley Fair and the Casino, will accept Gold as payment for their goods.

Earning Gold

In Stardew Valley, there are a number of ways to earn gold. First, the player may acquire items to sell, through farming, fishing, combat, etc. After this, the player can either sell their items at a shop that corresponds with the item that he/she is selling (for example, edibles can be sold at Pierre's General Store), which allows for the funds to be immediately added to the player's balance. If the player does not wish to travel to a store to sell their items, due to time constraints or other reasons, they can instead deposit the item in the shipping box outside of their house. This will deliver the funds to them overnight, and display a screen that lists the value of all items the player deposited.

Alternatively to selling items, the player may complete quests. These "quests" either are issued by the message board outside of Pierre's, or delivered directly to the player's mailbox. Quests include acquiring items, giving items to NPC Villagers as gifts, slaying monsters, talking to villagers, or a combination the above. Upon completion of the quest, the player immediately gains the reward of gold added to their balance.

The player will also receive gold in the mail. The player's mother or father will send money after the player earns specific amounts of gold, Pierre will send 'Cash-back Rewards Program' rebates, and Lewis will send gold from the 'Stardew Valley Agricultural Fund' for being a member of the community.

You can not have more than 99,999,999g at one time. If you accumulate 100,000,000g, the game will subtract 100,000,000g from your total.


There are 5 Achievements directly related to earning gold.

Steam Icon In-Game Icon Achievement Description Unlocks
Achievement Greenhorn.jpg
Achievement Star 01.png
Greenhorn Earn 15,000g
Good Ol' Cap.png
Good Ol' Cap
Achievement Cowpoke.jpg
Achievement Star 02.png
Cowpoke Earn 50,000g
Lucky Bow.png
Lucky Bow
Achievement Homesteader.jpg
Achievement Star 03.png
Homesteader Earn 250,000g
Cool Cap.png
Cool Cap
Achievement Millionaire.jpg
Achievement Star 04.png
Millionaire Earn 1,000,000g
Bowler Hat.png
Bowler Hat
Achievement Legend.jpg
Achievement Star 03.png
Legend Earn 10,000,000g (Secret Achievement)


Whenever you take an item into inventory whose sell price is greater than 500g, the popup box on the lower left of the screen will be shaded purple.

Items over 500g.png