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Stardew Valley Museum & Library
Open Hours: 8:00AM to 6:00PM
Closed: Does not have a closing day.
Address: East side of town, across the river, south of the Blacksmith.


The Museum can be found in the South-East corner of Pelican Town, south of the Blacksmith.

The museum consists of a library with an attached gallery for displaying the museum's collection. At the start of the game, the entire collection is empty. Gunther, who works there, will ask The Player to help by donating Artifacts and Minerals, many of which are found in The Mines, as well as finding the missing books from the library. Only a single copy of any particular item may be donated.

Penny holds lessons for the towns children, Vincent and Jas within the library on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Donation Rewards

Gunther offers rewards when the collection has grown to certain points, or for the donation of specific artifacts.

Total Donations

Items Donated Reward
5 Cauliflower Seeds.png Cauliflower Seeds (9)
10 Melon Seeds.png Melon Seeds (9)
15 Starfruit Seeds.png Starfruit Seeds (1)
20 'A Night On Eco-Hill'.png 'A Night On Eco-Hill' Painting
25 'Jade Hills'.png 'Jade Hills' Painting
30 Lg. Futan Bear.png Lg. Futan Bear
40 Rarecrow 8.png Rarecrow (#8) (+ Treasure Trove Achievement)
50 Bear Statue.png Bear Statue
60 Rusty Key.png Rusty Key (Delivers to you next day)
95 (all items) Stardrop.png Stardrop (+ A Complete Collection Achievement)

Minerals Donated

Minerals Donated Reward
11 Standing Geode.png Standing Geode
21 Singing Stone.png Singing Stone
31 Obsidian Vase.png Obsidian Vase
41 Crystal Chair.png Crystal Chair
50 Crystalarium.png Crystalarium

There are a total of 53 Minerals that can be donated.

Artifacts Donated

There are a total of 42 Artifacts that can be donated.

To receive the 'Burnt Offering' reward, you must have already donated 10 artifacts that include the Rare Disc and Dwarf Gadget. The 11th (or later) donation that meets these conditions will earn you the 'Burnt Offering.'

Artifacts Donated Reward
11 artifacts including: Rare Disc Dwarf Gadget 'Burnt Offering'
15 artifacts Skeleton Statue
20 artifacts Rarecrow 7.png Rarecrow #7
Ancient Drum Drum Block
Ancient Seed Ancient Seeds.png Ancient Seeds (1) + Crafting Recipe
Bone Flute Flute Block
Chicken Statue Chicken Statue (furniture).png Chicken Statue
Dwarf Scroll I Dwarf Scroll II Dwarf Scroll III Dwarf Scroll IV Dwarvish Translation Guide
Prehistoric Skull Skeletal Hand Prehistoric Scapula Sloth Skeleton L
Prehistoric Rib Prehistoric Vertebra Sloth Skeleton M
Prehistoric Tibia Skeletal Tail Sloth Skeleton R


See Lost Books


There are 2 Achievements associated with donating Artifacts or Minerals to the Museum.

  • Treasure Trove (Donate 40 different items to the museum)
  • A Complete Collection (Complete the museum collection)


Museum Interior with unreachable tiles shaded
  • There are a total of 102 spaces available for donations to be placed but only a total of 95 available items to be donated. A number of spaces in the center of the largest table cannot be reached to examine the item placed on it, so it may be advisable to leave this area empty.
  • If you have already put items in these tiles, you can move the item by clicking on the item and 'picking' it up.
  • One of the books contains what appears to be gibberish, but is actually a set acrostics where the first letters of each word spell out the cryptic directions to finding three Secret Statues located around Pelican Town:
    Super Cucumber Town
    Duck Mayo Saloon
    Strange Bun Toybox
    • Depositing the respective items into the respective boxes hidden throughout town results in receiving secret hidden statues. For example, placing Duck Mayonnaise into a hidden purple box in the back of the Saloon will give you the secret item ??Pinky Lemon??.
  • Glitch: While donating, the player's inventory box automatically shifts down once an item is selected. If the player attempts to move the screen around (say, to reveal free display spots further into the museum) before the inventory box has shifted down, they may be unable to place new items in the display spaces. This is rectified by simply quitting and trying again.