Junimo Chest

Junimo Chest
Junimo Chest.png
Through the power of forest magic, every Junimo Chest links to the same stash.
Source Qi's Walnut Room for Qi Gem.png Qi Gem (30)
Sell Price Cannot be sold

Junimo Chests are purchasable storage items that function similarly to chests, although instead of maintaining an individually managed inventory, all Junimo Chests share one global inventory of nine spaces. Any item(s) placed in one Junimo Chest can be accessed by the player from any other Junimo Chest.

They can be purchased from Qi's Walnut Room. The first two chests can be purchased for data-sort-value="30">Qi Gem.png 30. After buying the first two, additional chests can be purchased for data-sort-value="15">Qi Gem.png 15 each.

Much like regular chests, Junimo Chests must be empty to be removed, and can be placed in many different places throughout the Stardew world. However, if a Junimo Chest is left in the walking pathway of a villager it will be destroyed. Its contents, however, will not be dropped, and will still be accessible from other Junimo Chests.

Unlike regular chests, items placed inside a Junimo Chest will not be available for crafting when using a Workbench placed next to it. Junimo Chests may not be placed in the Skull Caverns or Mines.


  • 1.5: Introduced.
  • 1.5.2: Special Order related items that are stashed in Junimo Chests are now properly removed once the Special Order expires.