Solid Gold Lewis

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Solid Gold Lewis
Solid Gold Lewis.png
Mayor's secret project.
Source(s): Secret Note #19
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

The Solid Gold Lewis statue can be obtained by solving the puzzle depicted in Secret Note #19.

Use right-click to obtain the statue.

Placing the Statue anywhere in Pelican Town results in an additional secret.

If the statue is not destroyed by any villagers walking through it, the next day it will be replaced with a Rotten Plant, and the player will receive an unsigned letter in the mail containing data-sort-value="750">Gold.png750g:

In the future, I'd appreciate it very much if you refrained from placing my PRIVATE belongings in town for all to see!

I'm very displeased!

Take this money and never speak of my 'project' to anyone.”

The statue will then appear in Lewis' bedroom (90% chance) or Marnie's bedroom (10% chance).

The statue can be removed and placed in Pelican Town again and again, and each time it will be replaced by a Rotten Plant. The player will receive the unsigned letter only once, however.

Note that the Statue may be destroyed at change of Seasons even if a villager has not walked through it, preventing the additional secret from occurring. This is especially true if the statue is placed next to the seasonal decorations southwest of The Stardrop Saloon.