Walnut End Table

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Walnut End Table
Walnut End Table.png
Can be placed as decoration.
Source Price
Robin Icon.png Carpenter's Shop data-sort-value="500">Gold.png500g
Traveling Cart Icon.png Traveling Cart data-sort-value="furniture"Gold.png250–2,500g
Furniture Catalogue.png Furniture Catalogue data-sort-value="0">Gold.png0g
Other Source(s) Wilderness farmhouse
Sell Price Cannot be sold

The Walnut End Table is a piece of furniture. It can rotate into daily stock at the Carpenter's Shop for data-sort-value="500">Gold.png500g or the Traveling Cart for between data-sort-value="furniture"Gold.png250–2,500g.

It's also available from the Furniture Catalogue for data-sort-value="0">Gold.png0g.

Players who select a Wilderness farm map during character creation will have one inside their house when the game begins.


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.5: Tables can be placed outside.