Decorative Trash Can

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Decorative Trash Can
Decorative Trash Can.png
Can be placed as decoration.
Source Price
Furniture Catalogue.png Furniture Catalogue: data-sort-value="0">Gold.png0g
Other Source(s): Fishing in Fountain
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

The Decorative Trash Can is a piece of furniture. It can be obtained by fishing in the fountain west of the Community Center (10% chance) [1]. Multiple trash cans can be obtained.

It can also be found in the Furniture Catalogue for data-sort-value="0">Gold.png0g.

Although the Decorative Trash Can is almost identical in appearance to the trash cans found outside buildings in Pelican Town, it cannot be interacted with in the same way. If placed outside, it does not change appearance for the seasons.


  1. See Town::getFish in the game code.


  • 1.5: Introduced.