Statue Of Perfection

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Statue Of Perfection
Statue Of Perfection.png
It's made of pure iridium.
Source(s) Grandpa's Shrine
Sell Price Cannot be sold

The Statue Of Perfection is a piece of Furniture obtained by interacting with Grandpa's Shrine once all four candles are lit (see Grandpa's Evaluation). It produces 2-8 Iridium Ore per day.


  • The statue resembles the maneki-neko figurines popular in Japan and China, considered a symbol of good luck for small business owners.
  • Bombs will blow up the Statue of Perfection, but another can be obtained by interacting with Grandpa's Shrine.


  • 1.4: Removed exploit allowing up to 109 Statues Of Perfection to be obtained in Multiplayer by placing them into offline farmhands' chests of drawers.
  • 1.6: Removed exploit allowing the player to get infinite Statues Of Perfection on the farm by using a tool on the Statue while having a full inventory, then interacting with Grandpa's Shrine before taking the "tooled" Statue(s) into inventory.
  • 1.6.9: Removed ability to take Statue Of Perfection to Ginger Island to obtain a second statue.