Cursed Mannequins

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Cursed Mannequins
Cursed Mannequin (M).pngCursed Mannequin (F).png
Can be placed inside your house.
Source Price
Other Source(s): dropped by Haunted Skull.png Haunted Skull
Sell Price: Cannot be sold
Not to be confused with Mannequins

The Cursed Mannequins (M/F) is a piece of furniture that can be dropped by the Haunted Skull. If placed in the player's house, they can do a variety of things. Each night, when the player goes to sleep, it has a chance to do one of three things. Firstly, it can swap the clothing items placed on the mannequin with the clothing items the player is wearing. If this happens, the mannequin will have eyes for a small time after the player wakes up. Second, it may move to a random place in the house, also having eyes for a short time. Thirdly, it may change the wallpaper in the room it is placed in, and when the player wakes up, it will be violently shaking.

If the player rotates a cursed mannequin multiple times in a row, it will display a "jumpscare" on the screen in which a cursed mannequin flies towards you with one of two faces.


  • 1.6: Introduced.