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This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.6 of Stardew Valley. Players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article/section.

Wizard Catalogue
Wizard Catalogue.png
M. Rasmodius' private furniture collection.
Source(s): Krobus Icon.png Krobus' Shop data-sort-value="150000">Gold.png150,000g
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

The Wizard Catalogue is a catalogue of furniture and decor items that can be purchased at Krobus' shop for data-sort-value="150000">Gold.png150,000g.

Once placed, Right-Click.png on the catalogue allows the player to obtain unlimited wizard-themed furniture items at no cost.

Tip: Shift + Left-Click.png on an item to add it directly to inventory, instead of attaching it to the mouse cursor.

Wizard's Letter

When the player first interacts with the Wizard Catalogue, a letter from the Wizard is shown.

“My ex-wife took all the furniture.

Fortunately, I had the good sense to make ethereal copies of everything and transcribe them into this book. Enjoy.

-M. Rasmodius”

Available Furniture

Image Name
Wizard Bed.png
Wizard Bed
Wizard Dresser.png
Wizard Dresser
Wizard Chair.png
Wizard Chair
Wizard Stool.png
Wizard Stool
Wizard Table.png
Wizard Table
Wizard Tea Table.png
Wizard Tea Table
Wizard End Table.png
Wizard End Table
Wizard Bookcase.png
Wizard Bookcase
Large Wizard Bookcase.png
Large Wizard Bookcase
Short Wizard Bookcase.png
Short Wizard Bookcase
Small Wizard Bookcase.png
Small Wizard Bookcase
Wizard Study.png
Wizard Study
Wizard Bookshelf.png
Wizard Bookshelf
Elixir Shelf.png
Elixir Shelf
Small Elixir Shelf.png
Small Elixir Shelf
Stacked Elixir Shelf.png
Stacked Elixir Shelf
Image Name
Small Stacked Elixir Shelf.png
Small Stacked Elixir Shelf
Elixir Table.png
Elixir Table
Long Elixir Table.png
Long Elixir Table
Two Elixirs.png
Two Elixirs
Elixir Bundle.png
Elixir Bundle
Wizard Fireplace.png
Wizard Fireplace
Crystal Ball.png
Crystal Ball
Amethyst Crystal Ball.png
Amethyst Crystal Ball
Aquamarine Crystal Ball.png
Aquamarine Crystal Ball
Emerald Crystal Ball.png
Emerald Crystal Ball
Ruby Crystal Ball.png
Ruby Crystal Ball
Topaz Crystal Ball.png
Topaz Crystal Ball
Blue Book.png
Blue Book
Fallen Blue Book.png
Fallen Blue Book
Brown Book.png
Brown Book
Image Name
Fallen Brown Book.png
Fallen Brown Book
Green Book.png
Green Book
Fallen Green Book.png
Fallen Green Book
Purple Book.png
Purple Book
Fallen Purple Book.png
Fallen Purple Book
Red Book.png
Red Book
Fallen Red Book.png
Fallen Red Book
Yellow Book.png
Yellow Book
Fallen Yellow Book.png
Fallen Yellow Book
Book Pile.png
Book Pile
Large Book Pile.png
Large Book Pile
Small Book Pile.png
Small Book Pile
Book Stack.png
Book Stack
Large Book Stack.png
Large Book Stack
Small Book Stack.png
Small Book Stack
Decorative Wizard Door.png
Decorative Wizard Door
Image Name
'Void Swirls'.png
'Void Swirls'
'Wizard Tower'.png
'Wizard Tower'
Witch Broom.png
Witch Broom
Rune Rug.png
Rune Rug
Starry Moon Rug.png
Starry Moon Rug
Swirl Rug.png
Swirl Rug
Wizard Cushion.png
Wizard Cushion
Dark Wizard Cushion.png
Dark Wizard Cushion
Wizard Lamp.png
Wizard Lamp
Potted Red Mushroom.png
Potted Red Mushroom
Curly Tree.png
Curly Tree
Swamp Plant.png
Swamp Plant
Stone Flooring.png
Stone Flooring

Available Flooring

Flooring 02.png Flooring 52.png

Available Wallpaper

Wallpaper 013.png Wallpaper 122.png Wallpaper 123.png


  • 1.6: Introduced.