Red Cottage Rug

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Red Cottage Rug
Red Cottage Rug.png
Can be placed inside your house.
Source Price
Furniture Catalogue.png Furniture Catalogue: Gold.png0g
Other Source(s): Standard Farmhouse
Four Corners Farmhouse
Penny's 14-Heart Event.
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

The Red Cottage Rug is a piece of furniture available from the Furniture Catalogue for Gold.png0g.

One Red Rug is obtained when the Bedroom is redecorated by Penny in her 14-Heart event, choosing Strawberry Home.

Players who select the Standard farm map or the Four Corners map during character creation will have one inside their house when the game begins.


  • 1.4: Added obtaining one if starting on Four Corners map. Added ability to obtain during Penny's 14-heart event.