Furniture Catalogue

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Furniture Catalogue
Furniture Catalogue.png
Provides unlimited access to almost every furniture item... from the convenience of your home!
Source(s): Robin Icon.png Carpenter's Shop
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

The Furniture Catalogue can be purchased at the Carpenter's Shop for Gold.png200,000g, after upgrading the farmhouse.

Once placed,
on the furniture catalogue allows the player to purchase furniture items for Gold.png0g in unlimited quantity. With the exception of the items listed below, every furniture item is available.

The furniture catalogue is similar to the Catalogue sold at Pierre's General Store, which gives access to wallpaper and flooring.

The furniture catalogue can also be used as a display table. Selecting an inventory item and
on the catalogue will place the item on the middle of the catalogue.

Tip: Shift + left-click on an item in the Catalogue or Furniture Catalogue to add it directly to inventory, instead of attaching it to the mouse cursor.

Unavailable Furniture

In addition to the Furniture Catalogue itself, the following furniture will never appear in the Furniture Catalogue:

'1000 Years From Now'.png '1000 Years From Now' 'A Night On Eco-Hill'.png 'A Night On Eco-Hill' 'Burnt Offering'.png 'Burnt Offering' 'Clouds'.png 'Clouds' 'Jade Hills'.png 'Jade Hills' 'Land Of Clay'.png 'Land Of Clay' 'Portrait Of A Mermaid'.png 'Portrait Of A Mermaid' 'Red Eagle'.png 'Red Eagle' 'Solar Kingdom'.png 'Solar Kingdom' 'The Serpent'.png 'The Serpent' 'Three Trees'.png 'Three Trees' 'Tropical Fish 173'.png 'Tropical Fish #173' ??Foroguemon??.png ??Foroguemon?? ??HMTGF??.png ??HMTGF?? ??Pinky Lemon??.png ??Pinky Lemon?? Basic Log.png Basic Log Bear Statue.png Bear Statue Big Green Cane.png Big Green Cane Big Red Cane.png Big Red Cane Catalogue.png Catalogue Chicken Statue (furniture).png Chicken Statue Crystal Chair.png Crystal Chair Dried Sunflowers.png Dried Sunflowers Drum Block.png Drum Block Flute Block.png Flute Block Grave Stone.png Grave Stone

Green Canes.png Green Canes Iridium Fireplace.png Iridium Fireplace Junimo Kart Arcade System.png Junimo Kart Arcade System Junimo Plush.png Junimo Plush Lawn Flamingo.png Lawn Flamingo Leah's Sculpture.png Leah's Sculpture Lg. Futan Bear.png Lg. Futan Bear Log Section.png Log Section Mixed Cane.png Mixed Cane Monster Fireplace.png Monster Fireplace Obsidian Vase.png Obsidian Vase Ornamental Hay Bale.png Ornamental Hay Bale Plush Bunny.png Plush Bunny Prairie King Arcade System.png Prairie King Arcade System Red Canes.png Red Canes Seasonal Decor Spring.png Seasonal Decor

Seasonal Plant 1 Spring.png Seasonal Plant

Seasonal Plant 2 Spring.png Seasonal Plant

Seasonal Plant 3 Spring.png Seasonal Plant

Seasonal Plant 4 Spring.png Seasonal Plant

Seasonal Plant 5 Spring.png Seasonal Plant

Seasonal Plant 6 Spring.png Seasonal Plant

Sign Of The Vessel.png Sign Of The Vessel Singing Stone.png Singing Stone Skeleton Statue.png Skeleton Statue Sloth Skeleton L.png Sloth Skeleton M.png Sloth Skeleton R.png Sloth Skeleton (L / M / R) Soda Machine.png Soda Machine Solid Gold Lewis.png Solid Gold Lewis Standing Geode.png Standing Geode Stardew Hero Trophy.png Stardew Hero Trophy Statue Of Endless Fortune.png Statue Of Endless Fortune Statue of Perfection.png Statue of Perfection Stone Cairn.png Stone Cairn Stone Frog.png Stone Frog Stone Junimo.png Stone Junimo Stone Owl Random.png Stone Owl Stone Owl.png Stone Owl Stone Parrot.png Stone Parrot Stove Fireplace.png Stove Fireplace Suit Of Armor.png Suit Of Armor Tea Set.png Tea Set


  • This is one of the few items in the game that is spelled using British English instead of American English (where the -ue ending would be dropped, becoming catalog).