Furniture Catalogue

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Furniture Catalogue
Furniture Catalogue.png
Provides unlimited access to almost every furniture item... from the convenience of your home!
Source(s): Robin Icon.png Carpenter's Shop
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

The Furniture Catalogue can be purchased at the Carpenter's Shop for Gold.png200,000g, after upgrading the farmhouse.

Once placed, right-clicking on the furniture catalogue allows the player to purchase furniture items for Gold.png0g in unlimited quantity. With the exception of the items listed in the table below, every furniture item is available.

The furniture catalogue is similar to the Catalogue sold at Pierre's General Store, which gives access to wallpaper and flooring.

The furniture catalogue can also be used as a display table. Selecting an inventory item and right-clicking on the catalogue will place the item on the middle of the catalogue.


In addition to the Furniture Catalogue itself, the following furniture will not appear in the Furniture Catalogue:

Image Name How to Obtain
Catalogue Purchase at Pierre's General Store for Gold.png30,000g
'A Night On Eco-Hill'.png
'A Night On Eco-Hill' Museum donation (20 items)
'Jade Hills'.png
'Jade Hills' Museum donation (25 items)
'Burnt Offering'.png
'Burnt Offering' Museum donation (11 Artifacts) or
QiCoin.png4,000 at the Casino
Crystal Chair.png
Crystal Chair Museum donation (41 Minerals)
Dried Sunflowers.png
Dried Sunflowers Purchase at Stardew Valley Fair for Gold.png100g
Plush Bunny.png
Plush Bunny Purchase at Egg Festival for Gold.png2,000g
Statue Of Endless Fortune.png
Statue Of Endless Fortune Purchase in the Casino for Gold.png1,000,000g
Drum Block.png
Drum Block Robin 6 Heart event
Museum Donation (Ancient Drum)
Flute Block.png
Flute Block Robin 6 Heart event
Museum Donation (Bone Flute)
Leah's Sculpture.png
Leah's Sculpture Gift from Leah (Six hearts event)
Standing Geode.png
Standing Geode Museum Donation (11 Minerals)
Singing Stone.png
Singing Stone Museum Donation (21 Minerals)
Obsidian Vase.png
Obsidian Vase Museum Donation (31 Minerals)
Image Name How to Obtain
Skeleton Statue.png
Skeleton Statue Museum Donation (15 Artifacts)
Lg. Futan Bear.png
Lg. Futan Bear Museum Donation (30 items)
Bear Statue.png
Bear Statue Museum Donation (50 items)
Chicken Statue (furniture).png
Chicken Statue Museum Donation (Chicken Statue)
Sloth Skeleton L.png Sloth Skeleton M.png Sloth Skeleton R.png Sloth Skeleton
(L / M / R)
Museum Donation (7 bone pieces)
Tea Set.png
Tea Set Gift at Feast of the Winter Star
Stardew Hero Trophy.png
Stardew Hero Trophy Rebuild the Community Center
Statue of Perfection.png
Statue of Perfection Reward from Grandpa's Evaluation
Junimo Plush.png
Junimo Plush Found in a secret location.
??Foroguemon?? Found in a secret location.
??HMTGF?? Found in a secret location.
??Pinky Lemon??.png
??Pinky Lemon?? Found in a secret location.


  • 1.1: Introduced.