Iridium Krobus

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Warning: Spoilers

This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.5 of Stardew Valley. Mobile players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article.

Iridium Krobus
Iridium Krobus.png
Can be placed as decoration.
Source(s): Fishing
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

The Iridium Krobus is a decorative piece of furniture that can be obtained by fishing in the ocean from the southernmost point of Cindersap Forest near the entrance to The Sewers.

A minimum effective Fishing level of 15 is required to achieve the long cast distance required to reach the ocean from Cindersap Forest. This can be achieved by reaching level 10 Fishing, consuming gold-quality Seafoam Pudding cooked with Qi Seasoning, and maximizing the casting meter of an Iridium Rod. Another alternative is to consume regular-quality Seafoam Pudding and use a rod enchanted with the Master enchantment at the Forge.



The statue is an Iridium-colored version of Krobus.


  • 1.5: Introduced.