Thorns Ring

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Thorns Ring
Thorns Ring.png
When enemies damage you, they will take damage themselves.
Source: Crafting with Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Level 7

Ingredients: Bone Fragment.png Bone Fragment (50)Stone.png Stone (50)Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (1)
Adventurer's Guild

Purchase Price: Not Sold
Sell Price: data-sort-value="100 ">Gold.png100g

The Thorns Ring is a ring that can be crafted after earning the recipe at Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Level 7. The ingredients are 50 Bone Fragments, 50 Stone, and 1 Gold Bar.

While wearing the Thorns Ring, being hit results in the offending monster taking damage equal to the unmitigated damage of their attack minus the defense of the monster.


Thorns Ring can be used in dyeing, serving as a yellow dye at the dye pots, located in Emily's and Haley's house, 2 Willow Lane.


  • If the damage done to the farmer is less than 10, the damage done to the monster is instead the average between the damage done to the farmer and the unmitigated damage.



  • 1.5: Introduced.