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The hat shop in fall.

Hats are cosmetic items that alter the appearance of the player but otherwise have no effect.

When a player collects their first Achievement they will receive a letter from the mouse in the Abandoned House, alerting them that hats can now be bought and to "bring coines".

Most Achievements unlock a new hat, which can be purchased for Gold.png1,000g.

A handful of hats can only be obtained at certain festivals, the casino, or the Adventurer's Guild.

Hats cannot be sold through the Shipping Box, to the Hat Mouse, or to any store/shop in the game.

Image Name Description Achievement / Source
Cowboy Hat.png
Cowboy Hat The leather is old and cracked, but surprisingly supple. It smells musty. A Complete Collection

(Complete the Museum Collection)

Bowler Hat.png
Bowler Hat Made from smooth felt. Millionaire


Top Hat.png
Top Hat A gentleman's classic. Purchase for QiCoin.png8,000 in Qi's Casino
Sombrero A festively decorated hat made from woven straw. Legend


Straw Hat.png
Straw Hat Light and cool, it's a farmer's delight. Win the egg hunt at the Egg Festival
Official Cap.png
Official Cap Looks like it belonged to a postman or policeman. Either way, it's still very soft and smells okay. Ol' Mariner

(Catch 24 different fish)

Blue Bonnet.png
Blue Bonnet Harken back to simpler times with this prairie bonnet. Treasure Trove

(Donate 40 different items to The Museum)

Plum Chapeau.png
Plum Chapeau Looks alright. Sous Chef

(Cook 25 different recipes)

Skeleton Mask.png
Skeleton Mask The red eyes are glowing mysteriously. Adventurer's Guild

(Monster Eradication Goal - Defeat 50 Skeletons)

Goblin Mask.png
Goblin Mask Freak out the neighborhood with this creepy mask. Rubber ear joints for effect. Full Shipment

(Ship every item)

Chicken Mask.png
Chicken Mask You'll be sure to get thim grinning with this one. A Big Help

(Complete 40 'Help Wanted' requests)

Earmuffs Keep your ears toasty. Lined with artisanal velvet from Castle Village. Popular

(Reach a 5-heart friend level with 20 people)

Delicate Bow.png
Delicate Bow Little pink jewels glisten as you examine it. Cook

(Cook 10 different recipes)

Tropiclip It's shaped like a little palm tree. Moving Up

(Upgrade your house)

Butterfly Bow.png
Butterfly Bow This one is very soft. A New Friend

(Reach a 5-heart friend level with someone)

Hunter's Cap.png
Hunter's Cap The wool lining should stay warm deep into the forest. Living Large

(Upgrade your house to the maximum size)

Trucker Hat.png
Trucker Hat Mesh in the back to keep your head cool. Artisan

(Craft 30 different items)

Sailor's Cap.png
Sailor's Cap It's fresh and starchy. Win the fishing competition at the Festival of Ice
Good Ol' Cap.png
Good Ol' Cap A floppy old topper with a creased bill. Looks like it's been through a lot. Greenhorn


Fedora A city-slicker's standard. Purchase for Token.png500 at the Stardew Valley Fair
Cool Cap.png
Cool Cap It looks really faded, but it used to be a vibrant blue. Homesteader


Lucky Bow.png
Lucky Bow The middle is made of solid gold. Cowpoke


Polka Bow.png
Polka Bow This one's sure to be turn heads. Gofer

(Complete 10 'Help Wanted' requests)

Gnome's Cap.png
Gnome's Cap This gnome had a very large head. Craft Master

(Craft Every Item)

Eye Patch.png
Eye Patch You can't tell if it's real or just from a costume shop. Master Angler

(Catch every fish)

Santa Hat.png
Santa Hat Celebrate the magical season. Networking

(Reach a 5-heart friend level with 10 people)

Tiara This one has a big amethyst encircled by gold. Cliques

(Reach a 5-heart friend level with 4 people)

Hard Hat.png
Hard Hat Keep your dome in one piece. Adventurer's Guild

(Monster Eradication Goal - Defeat 30 Duggies)

Sou'wester The shape helps to keep sailors dry during storms. Fisherman

(Catch 10 different fish)

Daisy A fresh spring daisy to put in your hair. D.I.Y.

(Craft 15 different items)

Watermelon Band.png
Watermelon Band The color scheme was inspired by the beloved summer melon. Mother Catch

(Catch 100 Fish)

Mouse Ears.png
Mouse Ears Made from synthetic fibers. Best Friends

(Reach a 10-heart friend level with someone)

Cat Ears.png
Cat Ears Whiskers included. The Beloved Farmer

(Reach a 10-heart friend level with 8 people)

Cowgal Hat.png
Cowgal Hat The band is studded with fake diamonds. Monoculture

(Ship 300 of one crop)

Cowpoke Hat.png
Cowpoke Hat For dairy experts. Polyculture

(Ship 15 of each crop)

Archer's Cap.png
Archer's Cap Fashionable whether you're an archer or not. Gourmet Chef

(Cook Every Recipe)

Panda Hat.png
Panda Hat A lovely panda hat. TGP [1] exclusive content; unobtainable otherwise


  • Players are able to place any collected hats on Rarecrow 3 (Alien). This scarecrow is the only game object which hats can be placed on.


  1. TGP is a console platform created by Tencent Games

v1.3 Beta Changes

Note: These changes are currently being tested in the v1.3 Beta branch of the game.
The final version of the game may or may not include the changes as described below.

Spoilers ahead! 
Hats can be placed on Horses. After placing, hats on horses can only be replaced with other hats; there is no way to remove them.