Vampire Ring

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Vampire Ring
Vampire Ring.png
Gain a little health every time you slay a monster.
Source: Adventurer's Guild
Adventurer's Guild
Purchase Price: Gold.png15,000g
Sell Price: Gold.png750g

The Vampire Ring is a ring that can be obtained as a reward from Gil at the Adventurer's Guild after completing the Monster Eradication Goal of killing 200 Bats. After that, it can be purchased from Marlon for Gold.png15,000g.

The Vampire Ring restores 2 health after slaying a monster.

Effects from multiple Vampire Rings stacks. When equipped with multiple Vampire Rings, each will provide 2 points of health restoration for every monster slain.


The Vampire Ring can be used as a red dye in the dye pots, located at Emily's and Haley's house, 2 Willow Lane.